Norwood Grimes -Trying To Reason With You

Artist: Norwood Grimes
title: Trying To Reason With You
keywords: Adelaide, experimental, avant-garde, electronic, slack, Australia

Norwood Grimes opens the door to reveal a psychedelic world in which sounds crawl sideways over the walls, percussion is hanging upside down from the ceiling and melodies are coming from a black hole from far behind reason. It’s an unavoidable invitation that you simply shouldn’t refuse, as when this magical doorway of Norwood Grimes open up it will absolutely do its best to suck up your attention with a determent detail.

I found myself pulled to the magic that is ‘Trying To Reason With You’. After a full gravity pull of interest, I found myself wandering in an empty moment of wandering. But this moment changes quickly when the sounds coming out of the mind of Norwood Grimes pull on my arm and legs making them long like elastics; catapulting me in the deep pleasurable world that reveals beyond this reasonable ‘Reason’.

Here I am wondering around in a world that is in the earthly world a track named ‘A Social Anti-Socialist Discovering a Former You’. It’s a pretty place, full mysterious hallways, doors to go in or go out, atmospheric bells that ring my bell and a voice of reason that hangs like a cloud over all the ceilings. Organ wanderings are revealing itself once in a while, giving me the feeling that this world is very much alive, and yet not occupied with anything natural apart from the supernatural. Does this make any sense? Nothing makes sense, as up is down and down is up, sideways is horizontal and horizontal is vertical.

Around seven minutes the floor of dreams becomes slippery, as if it has been recently waxed. The world of reason crafted by the imagination of Norwood Grimes (and a bit by the listener themselves) gets a pulse, a rhythm to hold on too. Within this moment the music of discovery comes in, warming me up by surrounding the ears by wonderful mysterious pretty sounding synths that slowly hypnotize me and all other listeners who dared to be sucked into this psychedelic trippy world.

When the sounds of a social anti-socialist discovering a former you underline the discovery, the music becomes an exciting circus parade. Xylophones, ambulance tones, flickering lights and a heartbeat of synth bass reveals itself and I feel like dancing like a daddy long legged creature with a gigantic hat.

Luckily Norwood Grimes seems to have picked up my thoughts and provides out of nowhere a wonky beat, an exciting melody to get the shoulders grooving and hands waving into the non-existing imagery of the mind that the music is creating. This is a true example of a happy moment that will reward listeners (and tripped out self-claimed music reviewers) with a miniature party.

After a small smoke break, also Norwood Grimes himself joins in nonphysical shape. He burps like a lion, and from here the moment of joy and celebration really gets going. It’s here that I imagine confetti coming from the floor falling upwards, bowls of unidentified party liqueurs are floating freely to be picked up & in this happy moment of celebration the release comes to an unsuspected end.

If you don’t mind, I’ll stay within this world of Norwood Grimes and keep on partying,
here is a link to check out so you too can join me: I’ll save you some whistles, balloons and liquor! What more reason you need than a psychedelic party in someones imagination?
Come click the link and step right in:

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