Lost Kadath – Oscillating Apparitions

In space... no one can hear you gently say, "Um, hey... uh, hello?.. I'm a bit lost, is there anyone here who could help me find a place to pee or go poo poo?" So you have to speak up. Eventually, your message will reach someone, just expect a bit of a wait.

In space… no one can hear you gently say, “Um, hey… uh, hello?.. I’m a bit lost, is there anyone here who could help me find a place to pee or go poo poo?” So you have to speak up. Eventually, your message will reach someone, just expect a bit of a wait.

Artist: Lost Kadath
Title: Oscillating Apparitions
Label: Naked Lunch Records
Cat#: Unknown
Keywords: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

We recently received a request to review an artist by the name of Lost Kadath… they sent us a link to this thing called a face book, apparently it’s some kind of a “social media” website. I took a minute to look around and wow, I have to say, I was not expecting this at all! If I could describe this place to you… like… ok, imagine e-mail, right? And then imagine, if you combined that with a bbs, and it was like an instant messenger, but you could like… put your face on it. It’s pretty nifty… yeah, it’s kinda like myspace, a little bit.

… oh… wait a minute… I think there was an album I was supposed to review. Yes, yes… I guess I should review that too!

The first thing on this EP is ‘Outside The Veil Of Sanity’, which sounds somewhat Lovecraftian, I’m imagining terrors of the abyss, spooky tentacles all over the place, and your brain not working correctly because of bad math. It begins with a low, ominous dirge, like a cosmic didgeridoo. It feels vast, but compressed, like a pressure vacuum filled with space rice boiling over the edge of infinity. A kraken’s mouth… or whatever… opens and croaks, rumbling in the mix. I begin to hear bells of varying size and pitch. Bells of cosmic doom. Bells of eternal anguish. Sweet, shimmering bells of damnation. A voice recording comes in, sounding like a televangelist on a speaker phone, ripping up the dimensional void otherwise ever-present and pulling us into a smaller place momentarily. The effect is imaginative and strange… to hear something like that while all this impressive galactic soundscape work is going on really messes with me.

Next up, we’ve got a track called ‘Within Corridors’. It seems to blow in like an ill wind, and the title alone evokes mental scenery of abandoned shitholes, or maybe asylums covered in a crust of disuse. The lights go dim as unnatural gusts of stale, deathly air blow past. It’s like a crypt in this place, makes you wanna bust out some air fresheners. Another strange voice recording comes in, sounding both at odds with and ensconced inside the environment of the mix. The voice grows urgent… like it’s telling us something. Maybe… it is fearful, panicked, lest we not totally relax and maybe have a stretch, opening ourselves more fully to the creepy, horrible stenches and cold, icy fingertips of dead souls surrounding us.

Last track on this dark ambient masterpiece of an EP is titled ‘Condemning Humanity’, and the strange, airy undulations and twitchy frequencies are like a haunted house. More of the distant recorded voices… here, they feel the most blended into the atmosphere, if only slightly. It feels like we’re crouched beneath a dark stairwell, aware that at any moment there could be a jump-scare, something like a pale face with long, black, stringy hair and enormous fingertips would grab us suddenly if we were to so much as think of turning on a light or opening our eyes. It’s very tense. Like… you want to look. You get that sense like, the ghoulish creature is getting kind of impatient with you for not opening your eyes yet and is thinking to itself, “should I even be waiting like this?” Like… “it could work still if I just did the grab and scream now, maybe they’d even expect that less, but damn it, I want them to see my utterly horrifying visage first, that always makes it more satisfying.” Well, too bad for you, ghoul, I’m a master at the keeping my eyes closed until daylight game. I might even get some sleep. I snooze, you lose, creatures of the night!

Anyway, I must say, this is a really excellent dark ambient release, I think you’ll find your greatest fears realized with it, and maybe more! Definitely give it a listen… if you dare!


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