Owlbinos of Northfield – Cinnamon Fog

Artist: Owlbinos of Northfield
title: Cinnamon Fog
keywords: electronic, ambient, downtempo, drone, electronic, electronica, post-punk, techno, United States
label: Romeda http://www.romeda.net
reviewer: Fred Oppy

Owlbinos of Northfield’s ‘Cinnamon Fog’ is fully bathed in low bit, while keeping the quality high format of being encoded as a Wav file. Here an ambient drone smoothly spreads itself like the liquid chocolate you like to spread on an empty sandwich. The music brings a pretty warm and relaxing piece that perfectly fits the extra gained warmth of the low encoding. The music made me dream of a harmonious forest in which green leaves of friendly full grown trees offer protection for rain and excessive sunshine. Everything is sounding relaxed and ultimately pleasant until around the last minute of this work when the trees actually have to protect hard to fight a little bit of sound interference out. Of course we can count on those ancient friends of nature, and without fear for being ear raped by a delightful ambient gone slightly wrong; the trees fight it off and make the work reliably cozy again. This is a relief as the quite unsuspected turn in this pleasantness, might have otherwise dropped salt in our sweet experience.

The previous track gets a ‘Kanal dry friction loop meditation remix’ which brings the ambient flow along with some 4/4 kick and muffled high-hats. This structure seems to be turned into a classy loop with small essential little changes here and there. It is exactly what you would expect; hypnotic (and perhaps if you managed to dance in slow motion) also dance-able. I must say I did miss the cozy natural environment and the protecting trees, as this remix made me feel as if they had been chopped to make way for a dance floor.

‘Glitchfield plaines microdrumm remix’ sounds more made to give pleasure to the ears. A soft rhythm that feels as if it’s coming from some low bit tribe simply joins the ambiance which strangely turns into a humble and wise humming sensation. I really feel like we are out in the Wild West with a music group consisting of very cool Indians.

‘Pete prescription last exit to northfield remix’ fills the original version up with (what sounds like) an acoustic instrument. Might this be a guitar of some kind? Slowly but surely the unavoidable thing happens; a long awaited rolling drumbeat. Here the ambient and acoustic mystery instrument becomes probably the most dance-able in depth. The track generally evolves into something very rough and groovy & this time the unexpected turn sounds like a well-planned and played excellent surprise!

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2 Responses to Owlbinos of Northfield – Cinnamon Fog

  1. Linda says:

    At track 6 I decided this was quite a remarkable amount of music for a floppy release and that it didn’t really match the review and that I really like it. I don’t know yet what Cinnamon Fog sounds like, but I am very happy with Der Stadt Unter Der Stadt, especially numbver 6, the Wirbelstorm… 😀

    This would be the link to Cinnamon Fog: https://romeda.bandcamp.com/album/cinnamon-fog

  2. Linda says:

    Die Stadt Unter Der Stadt…… for all you grammar nazis I should at least try to quote an album name properly…..

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