Sueisntfine – S/T

2Artist: Sueisntfine
title: S/T
keywords: noisecore, emo violence
format: floppy disk
label: Friendly Otter
reviewer: Fred Oppy

From Belgrade, Serbia, comes Sueisntfine. A project described as urban blight and unchecked consumerist. Nobody knows exactly what this means music wise, but also clearer words like ‘noisecore’ and ’emo violence’ have been ringing around the reputation of Sueisntfine.

It’s good to have keywords around that you can relate too, or simply gives that little bit of wisdom before out of the blue tumbling in the sound of the unknown. With the knowledge of the reputation that Sueisntfine has, it is safe to say that this good & above all very cute looking floppy disk’s  looks are quite deceiving.
1When you put it in your floppy disk drive there will be no lovely ‘hello kitty’ noises flopping out of this floppy, there will be no lobit J-pop with pink lollipops dancing out of this disk. No, instead of sweetness there will be a track named ‘I don’t support bigotry I support injustice’ rumbling out! It’s quite the track, definitely not insecure and works hard and loud to be heard even by people with lesser hearing capabilities.

An industrial smack crack fest with heavy aggression and even some dying vocalist screaming its lungs out for a short bit. It’s loud and proud, and not exactly the most friendliest sounding friend that you can build on; more the kind of friend that beats you up with a iron bar, and slams your face with a cooking pan. It’s the kind of friendship that helps you back up with a firm electric kick up the buttocks.

The next track is sophisticated enough to even spit some lyrics. Shall we copy and paste them for you here? Well, why not? Thank you, you are ever so kind. No worries.

How many times that all of you have been trying?
How many times that all of you have been hurting?

Forget the fucks,
Don’t push your luck,
this authority you bear.

Forget the facts,
Avoid all the lacks,
in this straitjacket you wear.

Your woe’s getting inconsistent,
Highs and lows don’t longer bend.
Get it?

Writhe in the flesh of your mother’s soil.
Sanitize to those whom you spoil.
Neglect to those who bawl.
And then end it all.

Oh, i didn’t get too much,
haven’t i at all?

So, eat this doctor Phill!
A whole mouth full of it; who would have thought that these kinds of lyrics would be available on such a sweet looking floppy diskette? Oh well, I guess that this explains that this floppy seems to weight a bit more than most others. It’s filled with frustration and anger; even hate!

What a great thing to have on a floppy disk, and not just roaming around the streets slaughtering random people!  The music and vocal delivery is even sounding more manic, aggressive, concentrated and on the edge. Luckily the hate is so concentrated that it comes out in respectful bursts that will make your heartbeat skip a beat, but not go for a frontal insane spastic heart attack.

The listeners of this floppy disk might live, but as long as this floppy propagandizes the head with aggression, things might be less fortunate with the people around who don’t appreciate these songs. The only thing left to do is destroy these lost souls, and if you had enough of it; then the floppy disk might come to life and finish you off in style.
Forget Chucky; this floppy wants to play.. Do you want to play?

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1 Response to Sueisntfine – S/T

  1. WeAreAllSlaves says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my new project :*

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