Maxime Robin – the Lo-fi grandeur deluxe edition of DIY swag

Artist: Maxime Robin
Title: the Lo-fi grandeur deluxe edition of DIY swag
Keywords: beats, grooves, fun, melodies, samples, rap, hip hop, happy, melodic
reviewer: Fred Oppy

The following release is the low bit version of a full length CD release, spread out on four floppy diskettes. It’s a bit like the lyric in first track on the album, as big chance that this release will ‘astound you’. A very fresh collection of groovy and happy tunes, with great use of cut & paste options in music. It’s all very bright, happy and funky; with partying acoustic guitars available in bright glitches, and lots of humor available throughout the four colorful floppies.

It’s a muffled paradise of pleasant groovy grooves, chopped up happy head bang material with fun melodies that will probably turn your day into a bright one. On this album there is simply no place for negativity, no place for doom or even a bit of ambient; it’s all about funky and original sample based drumming, mellow Merry happy melodies and basically ‘having an excellent good time!’ If you like floppies, happy music and need some feel good energy to go through your days; feed to you from a working floppy drive than: This is it!

Next to the good humored music, there are also a few occasional features guests to be drooled upon. Personally I’m not a big fan of rap or hip hop, but in this case the few moments that there are words to be spat on a couple of tunes; it’s a welcoming chance on this nonstop happy fest. The first one is track number six (a glimpse of madness), which features the voice of Professor Mandrake. It’s the voice of someone tough, a bit gangsta, yet experimental clownish enough to make it still sound jolly!

From here the album goes forward without the special guest ever returning, making a nice shift in more serious sounding beat making. This part makes me feel as if it’s waiting for floppy diskette fans to pick up a microphone, and rap some nice happy songs of retro sentimentality over those fresh beats. The lyrics you can come up with can for sure be jolly and funny, as the musical elements certainly return back its silly humor at the gradual progression in time.

Personal Favorite track on this release is ‘Fair Time’ which sounds as if the soundtrack from a children’s program in the seventies had been ransacked, delightfully twisted, and recycled with happy go lucky beats that certainly brings stuff legs into flexible bending ones! It’s here that I feel the ‘fountain of youth’ is secretly placed, and as you hear this tune you’ll probably agree that dancing to this wacko theme makes you feel actually younger, healthier and happier.

Make your own kind of beat’ is a tune in which the title might be misleading that it would be Beatles. There is definitely a stiff beat here, but with the funny and original baseline sound and positive melody it functions so well with or without a listener happily drumming against the stream of this funny tune.

The last surprise guest is ‘Marmalade of Pigeon Hole’ who flashes his name a couple of times in case you can’t read. The track is sounding fresher prince of Bel air although there is definitely some experimental mental thing going on, in which the guest star fiercely gets stuffed in order to make this track in a memorable ending. 17 happy groove orientated melodic happy tracks, and the featuring of two guest stars is what we would say; tons of goodness! Add that this release looks and sounds absolutely adorable on these disks and that they are still out there for a lucky collector & you’ll probably feel that there is no time to waste and get your hands on one of these ultra-rare (made by the artist himself!) copies!
Absolutely a top album!

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