O.K. Putrid – O.K. Putrid floppy

Artist: O.K. Putrid
title: O.K. Putrid floppy
cat: JJF-007
keywords: electronic, noise,
label: Jujufroot
reviewer: Fred Oppy

Ok putrid consists of Kaitlyn Prochazka and a certain Justin Marc IIoyd. Their project is self-described as self-indulgent electronic noise, and who will argue with that after hearing their floppy diskette release?
– Not a lot of people.

But let’s focus on the bright side of this floppy and its electronic noise intestines, the disk clearly delivers a spontaneous session in which electric plastic sounding machinery is making parrot like sounds, mixed with robotic Data movement sounds and other fascinating antiquated details. Rubber farts, all round noise and automatic factory things that need a bit of oil to lose their beautiful squeaky parts.

It’s a good sounding session and it made me as a listener completely fulfilled, although a bit hungry for more. It’s a bite like the digital munchies, once you chew down that chocolate bar; you’ll simply want to down them all! I couldn’t find so quickly any other floppies by ok putrid but if there are any other releases out and about, they’ll too are probably the hot topics among the hungry floppy lovers. To unfortunately proof this; the floppy disk (released in a edition of 14 pieces) is unfortunately sold out. Go and stare at it over here:

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