Vulture Shit – The Joys of Employment

Artist: Vulture Shit
title: The Joys of Employment
keywords: money, fire, records, punk, hardcore, noise, Brooklyn
reviewer: Fred Oppy

Vulture Shit is a band that you can put in a corner of punk, sweaty balls and flees. Their tracks are stomping in your face with electric guitar, a slapstick mad drummer and fronted by an equally insane sounding ‘singer’ who does shout it’s word clearly, yet totally manic. It’s a fest for anyone into electric guitar riffs, energetic nastiness and the occasional heroic dip in a more adult version of a mosh pit.

The vocals are the ones that intrigue me the most; how can anyone sound so much on the edge of going berserk, sound so crystal clear in lyric pronunciation?
We must be dealing with professionals over here, and the production of their 7″ vinyl release doesn’t seem to proof my thought wrong. But as you know, this is not the time and space to chat about vinyl; this is floppy only. But that’s where this release gets tricky, as fifty pieces of the ‘the joy of employment’ vinyl are in inseparable companionship of a good looking floppy diskette. In fact they are so good looking that they are often referred as ‘the Johnny Depp’s’ under the floppy disks. Or.. Oh well, I just made that up haha. If it would be a John, it would probably more ‘Rotten’. (A small hint that fits the punk attitude of Vulture Shit more)

On this ‘Johnny Rotten’ under the floppy disks (sounds much better, right?) awaits an exclusive bonus track. I have to admit that my detective and research skills completely end here, as it is simply unavailable without the piece of vinyl. And yes, the record is good but as my allergy for vinyl is going hardcore again, doctors’ advice is not to get this vinyl in my hands or even inside the house. And as I don’t want to risk my health, and ordering a vinyl without complete guarantee that I’m not buyer number 51 (there are only fifty floppies!) , it was simply just one of those things that you can adore from a picture on the internet, while masturbating heavenly; than a reality check with floppy diskette close at home and this ‘exclusive’ bonus track blasting from the speakers.

But as they say; sometimes a dream or a fantasy is better than ‘actual’ having, or doing it in reality. And on this note I thought that leaving this floppy discussion off the table, would have been a real shame, as how many hours I have been looking at this ‘Johnny Rotten’ and how much body fluids have left my body while doing this recreational fantasizing? In my head this floppy disk must be really, really good. And I envy all who got it; you sexy selfish beasts! if you dare risking the buy of a vinyl that comes without this ‘hot floppy’ and you are (unlike me) not allergic for vinyl; please be free to go and check your luck at the link below. And about ‘the joys of employment’: if you are, then you’ll probably can afford the risk:

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