Brother Android – Black Gate 3.5” Floppy Disk

Artist: Brother Android
title: Black Gate 3.5” Floppy Disk
keywords: electronic, atmospheric, chip, chiptune, lo-fi, prog, Austin
reviewer: Fred Oppy

The Black Gate is where contradictions – high fidelity and low fidelity, dark and light, minimalism, maximalism, repetition, variation, simplicity, complexity, fear, love – converge and resolve themselves.

This is a description for a music release on floppy in its original tracker format that is far more top notch than any word that had come out of my personal hands. In fact I do not really understand it, it’s that sophisticated in writing skills. I would like to call it ‘excellent music’ that will entertain in a groovy and melodic way and certainly will be felt with the more old-school retro fans of pretty hypnotic bleep trip music.

Don’t think automatically about chip tune music, but do think about this sound that comes with a happy shimmering long lasting fine summer, a lengthy mix of happy and cool refreshing sounding melodies and rhythms. The sound choice might be kept minimal so to keep the file small enough to bring you simply the most out of it, but trust your ears as the producer simply makes the total best out of these ingredients. The artist of this great sounding melodic fresh energetic cool electronic beach music has worked on it for a long time:

Written, sampled, & sequenced (not necessarily in that order) by Harrison Lemke off and on from Fall 2010 to Summer 2013, which is a long time.

Which is (let me repeat) indeed quite a long time.. But you can hear that back in the music, and I mean that in the best positive way of the word. The music is super sleek and programmed in such a way that it’s like hitting a portal between time and space; smoothly and enjoyably making more than ten minutes of your time, seem like one minute only. Time is going quick when you are having fun? Well wait until you combine fun and listening to this floppy disk together, and you’ll be buzzing time like an excellent musically entertained time traveler.

Don’t bring it to a nice summers day at the beach, as your good time will be gone in no time; but do play it in the traffic jam from and off the summer day’s beach and save yourself time while filling up your own ears with refreshing music that has quite topped the ladders of quality.

The original floppy diskette might be sold out, but after a good haunt you can find the rightful creator on a dodgy looking obscure website named Bandcamp. You might go and drop down on your knees and beg the artist for a re-release, or perhaps just keep an close eye and ear out in case there will be more quality floppy releases going on sale over there:

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