Yeah I Know It Sucks Awards

Hello and welcome dearest readers, guests of honor and other characters that stumbled upon this monumental moment on the sucky side of the internet. Today it is a celebration, a time to look back what has been achieved, a time to be sentimental and full of compliments. Yes, it’s the time everyone not has been waiting for: The Yeah I Know It Sucks Awards!

^ the red carpet event that nobody had waited for

^ the red carpet event that nobody had waited for

This moment has been in our minds forever, but we couldn’t organize it all because the team of Yeah I Know It Sucks was too busy sucking up to lousy music releases. But as this is the 2601th post on this maddening piece of insanity, we really should take time to make it into something special. Unfortunately nobody on our team could be really bothered, so here is basically a list of Yeah I Know It Sucks reward winners and their categories.  If you know them, or are perhaps one of them: We salute you and congratulate you with the deepest thoughts full of gratitude and respect! We have heard you and listened; and we love how you suck!
But before we turn to this list of Yeah I Know It Sucks winners, we really should stand up for a standing ovation as the anonymous team of Yeah I Know It Sucks employees (that aren’t on sick leave) have named one artist as the ultimate winner among winners. An artist that deserves the honorable title of mister Yeah I Know It Sucks with the best album that blew our minds off with his incredible one-of-a-kind, unique approach to ‘’music’’. The number one among all the winners is without doubt:

*****Mark Williams*****

with his amazing (now YIKIS award winning) album:
Romantically Obsessed.

^ Mark Williams

^ Mark Williams’s Romantically Obsessed

‘Romantically Obsessed’ had left a remarkable mark on our short existence in reviewers land. This album had been working on our minds for a very long time, and is seriously one you won’t forget. The singing and the music is unlike anything else that you could have heard around on this blog.

Audio Hater really recommends this album, you can read his praising review over here, or read an alternative opinion over here. Unfortunately upon nomination we discovered that the album has been taken offline, 😦 leaving only the ‘instrumental edition’ online. Yeah I Know It Sucks…  It saddens us if you have missed the opportunity to buy and hear this album, and hope it will return online, or perhaps as a physical form in the upcoming future as it is truly ‘truly’ original. Simply the best!

^ Mark Weekend at yeah I Know It Sucks

^ Mark Weekend at yeah I Know It Sucks

This encouter with YIKIS winner Mark Williams had even triggered a greatly received ‘Mark Weekend at Yeah I Know It Sucks’. A weekend in which all kinds of music making Marks got a review. In fact all these creative Marks and their outputs are not only nominated for the golden Mark.. They are all winners!
Mark – Acceptance (acoustic) , Mark Akerboom – Hydrosymphony , Mark Archer – Flections , Mark Bray – Dark Illumination , Mark Browne – The Prejudices of History , mArk – clear , Mark Dago – Style It Out / Rocketship, Mark D Pencil – CLEANUP ROBOT Song , Mark Franklin – Beyond , Mark Gormley – Little Wings , Mark Knopfler – Are We In Trouble Now? , Mark LaFountain – Machine Man , Mark – Liberia , Mark Lowry – Hyperactivity, Mark McGee – Apartment Music 19 improvisation , Mark McGuire – Tidings III , Mark McLaren – more than everything .ep , Mark Meino – Monocolor
Mark N – live P.O.R.N. Belgium 2004 / Speedcore , Mark.Nine – Asleep in the Kingdom , Mark ‘Oh , MARK – Piece of shit , Mark P – It’s Crap! , Mark Reinhardt – Fuck Monday Ep , Mark Starr – Jeremiah Zentz , Mark Templeton – Ballads , MarK With a K – Music Is My Alibi and Mark Wynn – Might Try Some Shoes On, Maybe I Won’t Try Some Shoes On’ – A Single By Mark Wynn . All these wonderfull marks are all winners in the YIKIS Mark category. Remarkable, isn’t it? (Questionmark?) Congratulations, All-Marks!

Dear people, let’s give a warm applause for reviewer RTF who arrived here over the red carpet to bring a important announcement to this world wide event of the Yeah I Know It Sucks Awards:

^ Reviewer RTF takes the stage to announce his personal favorites

^ Reviewer RTF takes the stage to announce his personal favorites

RTF> I nominate Mitski’s “Retired From Sad, New Career In Business” (the first review I wrote) for best album.
RTF> Oh, and I nominate that Amity In Flame band I did the haiku review for best hate mail
Wonderful, splendid, excellent!  Thank you RTF and congratulations Mitski and Amity In Flame. You are not just nominated, you are also winning winners! After all everybody is a winner on Yeah I Know It Sucks today.


Hey, um, sorry, but it’s Alex, and I’ve just exploded with gushy warm feels for all the horrible suck-tastic music I wanted to mention for our awards ceremony. My apologies to anyone sitting in the splash zone. First, since we’re getting close to that time of year again anyway, I’d like to bestow our Crapsmas Eggnog Suck Award to Mr. Phil Reynolds! It’s a gift that keeps on giving, or a poop that keeps on pooping.

Merry crapsmas!

Merry crapsmas! (pictured: some other guy named Phil Reynolds)

Congratulations Phil! Too bad Phil couldn’t be here to receive the price in person (we heard that he got stuck inside a chimney) but we got Santa Claus to receive the price in his name..

Thank you!

Thank you!

Of course its time to reveal the award for events of the year… Who will win it? hopes are up for Gifgrond and Floppy Totaal.. But as they are so different; they both win a imaginative apple cake! For gifgrond the imaginative apple cake is in the shape of a skull, and for Floppy Totaal in the shape of a Floppy!

^ above pictured the imaginative skull & floppy cake! doesn't it look delicious?

^ above pictured the imaginative skull & floppy apple cake! doesn’t it look delicious?

In the category best video clip we couldn’t come up with a real answer. All the videos that we had featured all through the years are either too good to receive an award, or simply too bad.
Better luck sucking next time!
Although it’s nice to maybe just watch a never seen/featured video now (to get rid of your disappointment)

so yes ladies and gentle male people..
In case you did not notice it; these YIKIS awards really suck!
No singing, no dancing, no jokes, no bad sketches.. it’s all super lame!
There isn’t even any excitement; It’s pure suck-ness!
Don’t blame us, this had been years in the making and yet no major sponsor wanted to back this huge event up.. No beverage or candy, no clothing brand, or game console wanted to be associated with these awards..
We had to pay everything with the coins we collected inside a sock, and that had been all blown away in the early firework explosions!
So instead of the planned surprise concert of Bono dressed as a puppy,
here we have a picture of an actual puppy instead:
Who will the puppy award an award?
Of course it has to be… (drum roll please!)
Yes! it’s LADYDOG! With her album ‘BITCH PLEASE’
in the category of most talented dog and best dog related album!
Congratulations LADY DOG! Now what…
We really should give some netlabels a honorable mention here..
Who will be the perfect fit to name drop some netlabels?
oh yes! Two random celebrities we have never heard off!

2 random celebrities at the YIKIS awards!

2 random celebrities at the YIKIS awards!

Ahum… Me.. and Her.. we like to annouce.. netlabels… win a prize.. all great..
in category prolific entertainment and success… the winner…
you read it… no you read it.. no.. you read it… let us both read it :

Arnaud Barbe the owner of SIRONA-RECORDS is here working as a waiter at this wonderful event tonight.. but let’s give him a warm applause so he can pick up his prize+

^ A smiling Arnaud Barbe, owner of Sirona-Records wins the honorable title of YIKIS netlabel of the years!

^ A smiling Arnaud Barbe, owner of Sirona-Records wins the honorable title of YIKIS netlabel of the years!

In the category lobit netlabels of pure 8kbps quality, there was only one real candidate..
So no surprise… *8RAVENS* is the wonderful winner!
1…. Ladies and gentlemen.. please put your hands together for top reviewer,
brain behind Yeah I Know It Sucks and the organizer of this award show…
spicky: Eep eep, Eep. EEP, eep eep.
eep eep eep eep. EEp eep EEP eep EEp. EEP.
eep eep Eep Lady Gaga eep. Eep? eep eep eep..
eep Eep, eep eep. Madonna eep eep. EEp Cher.. Eep EEp
Eep? EEP? Justin Timberlake? Eep Eep eep. Eep Destiny Child eep.
Eep Eep Michael Jackson eep Eep RIP eep.

^ Logosamphia is the winner of the special Spicky Lee Jones EEP EEP award! congratulations!

It is only fair to give someone very special a award…
she has been dominating the comment section of YIKIS,
and even if she has no time to dominate it at the moment,
she still has set the record of the most comments on YKIS of all time!

^ LINDA PINDA wins the amazing head of comment award!

^ LINDA PINDA wins the amazing head of comment award!

every guest that had the courage and humor to go for an YIKIS interview also should earn a award.. DINGLE, Vlad Storian, Almark , Jake and Andy, and everybody else! Congratulations! You have won nothing, but you will go down in YIKIS history somehow somewhere! Cheers to you!

Cheers people! You have been awesome!

Cheers people! You have been awesome!

Well.. I don’t know about you but when a cheers is made,
it’s probably time to say goodbye and start binge drinking..
But before we abruptly stop this horrible fest of suckness of an award show,
there is one drastic award we should give away…


and yes! The Yeah I Know It Sucks winner of all times is…

out of all people in the world, you’ve actually scrolled down to read this dreadful post.
You are the real winner over here, and we thank you very much for your attention,
your time and all your good vibes throughout the  years!
Here is a virtual award ribbon, feel free to download it and share it among your friends!

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  1. Linda says:

    I’m very honored :’-) I wish I had a mantelpiece to show everyone the enormous award! Thanks for hosting the best awards show in the world for the best review website in the world! ❤ ❤ ❤

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