Yva & The Toy George – Love Toys & Molotovs

artist: Yva & The Toy George
title: Love Toys & Molotovs
keywords: electronic, disco, punk, electro, electropop, no-wave, pop, Belgrade

A one girl band from Belgrade named Yva & The Toy George brings you the perfect electro groove pop rock disco punk album of the happy century! It’s name is ‘Love Toys & Molotovs’ and its lots and lots of fun! Great music too, very energetic, good vibes, creative and perfect party music that will probably have something for everyone! You really should hear it as it will bring you probably lots of instant joy and happiness, but if you like to read a bit more.. then you are free to read more words of praises below:

If you like to shake the shakers, and like to shake the shake than you might most definitely dig dancing to the ‘Apocalypso’. It’s a funky tune that has the finest shaker in town, the fattest bass and the perfect party vibrations colored in with the unresistable bongo grooves and tropical sounding celebration that comes out of the sunny ‘Apocalypso’ voice from Yva & The Toy George. Instant happiness for all who tunes in!

…and the party only gets better and better. Next track is made for dancing and dancing and that’s what all listeners should do. Yva & The Toy George really beats the coolness over here, bringing punk-ish electropop with all the wobbles you could wish for: Dancing on ‘Dancin dancin’ shouldn’t be a problem!

The pounding beat continues on a tune that name wise already wowed me away; World Wow II.
It got that vibe that gets the walls bouncing and no-wave disco lights flashing. The wowing doesn’t stop as when ‘Wattagot’ pops in ‘happiness’ starts to march in with a silly parade. A fancy attitude of living in the moment, partying hard & happy and funky every second and moment: a delicious licious tune to get the hips shaking and the popcorn popping!

legs can keep on moving, hopping and jumping; polonaise mayonnaise style! ‘Nevolja’ brings the wonderful Belgrade underground culture up to the light for a notorious groovy party that simply never ends! ‘Digital Nanbao’ brings smiles until you explode from happiness! Yva & The Toy George really got everything and anything exactly right in this exposure of ultra funkiness with this perfect sounding ‘Love Toys & Molotovs’.

And just when you might think it doesn’t get any better, the music simply keeps on pounding with a perfect pop line that comes in the hit named ‘Under a disco ball’. This is the single, the one you should hear on the radio and on MTV if they actually would play good music. So better switch them off and get this album and spin this hit on repeat & infect your friends, frenemies and whoever with this techno drum pop that gets the disco ball rolling into pure perfection!

Dogwood doomed keeps the groove moving in a way that is irresistible; i can’t stop shaking my neck, popping and locking the muscles to the cool music that is captured here… But the highlight is probably the surprise that is ‘The real ultra cheap’ a super happy upbeat happy tune to really get the feet bunny hopping over the dance floor. Lots of fun, fun fun! If you might be able to come on the 3th of October to the legendary underground party Gifgrond (in Tillywood, the Netherlands) you will be able to hear Yva & The Toy George rocking her tunes out live! (a thing you really shouldn’t miss out on, if you are in the neighborhood, as dammit if it already sounds so great captured on this album; imagine how energetic and fun it will be when performed live on stage!?) Wow Wow WOW!

This is a self described ‘low fi pop discophrenic rendezvous between a Belgrade girl and a Korg goovebox gone RIGHT!
come on and get this happy album into your ears (you won’t regret it!)

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1 Response to Yva & The Toy George – Love Toys & Molotovs

  1. Linda says:

    Also Friday approval and looking forward to the live set!! dancin dancin!

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