Payaso Cagar Trompada – Prosper

Artist: Payaso Cagar Trompada
title: Prosper
keywords: 8bit, alternative, electropunk, la plata, indie, post-internet, webpunk, Argentina

Children holding hands while they delightfully jump over the hills, happy faces tattooed on air balloons; this is the kind of feeling I get when hearing a tune named ‘excitebike’. It has this energy that is full of imagination and childlike joy that fans of the cute freak folk singer Joanna Newsom might want to hear besides listening to … Joanna Newsom. You will be warmly greeted by pixel punk of the kindest order, bleeping a uplifting hit in the ears that will be enough to keep your face from frowning; it will be smiling!

If you might want to diss the childlike joy and have a taste for something more edgy and druggy, than this release might also cater exactly what you need and want; 9 Perritos. A incredible interactive pop ish modern electro psycho party tune in which you dance, move & get high on while the music producer provides the stuff for you to do all that! Is this correct English? Who cares! No point to read this stuff as trust me the music is speaking for itself.

Still here? The excellent release goes forward in a friendly uplifting orgy of electronic happiness & Sesame Street culture. It’s the cutest, sweetest and energetic lovable piece of music you will encounter today; and it feels as if it’s educational too.. Not sure what it teaches exactly, might be something about the music loving you and you loving the music; a revelation never sounded so good!

The last tune brings the stroboscope lights, flashing discotheque lights and a smoke machine in the party room formally known as ‘your ears’. This means one last elevating blast of having a good time is provided, so better skip the nonsense, fry your brain and let this music pump you up right now!

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1 Response to Payaso Cagar Trompada – Prosper

  1. Linda says:

    Purrfect furr the Frrriday!

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