The Chewers – The Lurk

Artist: The Chewers
title: The Lurk
keywords: experimental, art rock, avant rock, avant-garde, blues, experimental, rock, noise rock, punk rock, weird, Nashville

You might have heard of ‘The Chewers’ before, but did you ever see them?
Today within this post we offer you a glimpse for your eyes to indeed see these two freaks that this band consist off, and if you don’t forget to put the audio on; you’ll be able to hear them playing music at the same time too; isn’t modern technology marvelous?

Of course The Chewers know that keeping their identities a bit mystical saves them for being followed around by the tons of teenage members of The Chewers fan-club, so don’t be disappointed if you only get to see their hair, fore head and eyes.

You expected to see their teeth, right? Well lucky for you their teeth are there somewhere too, but they seem to have grown own bodies and have wandered off outside on a grassy field.
In a way we must thank the two toothless members of ‘The Chewers’ for covering their gaping holes (where normally their mouth and teeth would be) with a fancy red unrevealing tissue; thank you.

The music they play in the video is a tune named ‘The Lurk’ coming from their ‘Dead Dads’ release.
It’s the sound of them chewing away on raw guitars and a tight drum and they do thi quite nicely; a bit like a grinding minimal thing that really fits whatever style ‘The Chewers’ had created for themselves.

I have nothing to say, other than that the moment is now to place the video in this post.
It’s a technical procedure that is not very difficult to do, but yet such a relief when it’s all done and out in the open. Here it goes… all or nothing; ‘The Lurk’ performed by these The Chewers:

To hear this song without the video & 19 other tunes, be free to dive into their album over here:

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