Crooked Weather – Long Garden

Artist: Crooked Weather
title: Long Garden
keywords: folk, earth music, original, psych, folk, psychedelic, United Kingdom

Crooked Weather brings the music that will provide an extra aura around a campfire. It does this with its humble sounding analogue folk music that I can accurately describe as fairy-tale-like with a raw, but pure core.

The words ‘adorable’, ‘cute’ & ‘friendly’ also pop up at my listening session; and these words come in handy as they are exactly the words that this review needed to get some points across.

Crooked Weather is simply the good weather type to sit outside by.

sonny, with in the afternoon a few clouds and a fine temperature.. Crooked Weater

sunny, with in the afternoon a few clouds and a fine temperature.. Crooked Weather

Their music is perfect to team up with an evening of chilling with an alcoholic light beverage and a couple of spliffs; although the music itself sounds very focused, balanced and well thought through; are these perhaps the modern clean cut hippies that instead of getting high on weed vapors are getting high on delivering chill psych folk perfection?

I wonder if at a live gig they would be the introverted nonsmoking music makers surrounded by a colorful crew of lovely potheads, and if their trip-folk might be a half side effect of inhaling second hand smoke while still having a high tolerance level towards it? In any case you must be very rotten not to like this lovely music.

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