AG Davis – Bionicism

Artist: AG Davis
title: Bionicism
keywords: dub, electronic, experimental, industrial, modern, classical, musique concrete, United States
label: Poverty Electronics

Roaming Network is the exciting piece that will get you instantly hooked by total flabergasm. It’s one of the most thrilling avant-garde piece performed with piano and throat. The vocal expressions on this wild arrangement is unlike anything else, spitting, squealing, tight absurdity that gets me a scene of Tom and Jerry from a completely different order. Super energetic, wild expressive and properly original! You be got to hear it to be able to believe it!

Nokta Cap is the second wild blast captured on this album; this time the expressive audio expressions come across more electronic, noisy, bubbling, sparkly, electrifying, crunchy and quite frankly; entertaining to the maximum. Excellent freak sounds that can go from full on ballistic to more direct; but always with this energetic powder as if the creativity of AG Davis is completely charged and now all popping it out at once; and it’s stunning! Vocals here are done by a very explosive sounding Rodrigo Ambriz Mondragón!

With ‘to wind, as burned yellow, forgotten’ the creative energy is far from finished; the artist flushes out a self-invented language that gets more and more hyper until the ultimate forms of lunacy had been reached. He takes a break and then huffs and puffs like a wild artistic wolf to blow every listener out of their elements! Pretty amazing stuff right here!

The album continues with the speed inducing ‘The Garrote (Bionicism 2a)’, it’s here that a prominent role of the piano and voice gets a new reintroduction and the result is a visual hyper complexity that might be a duet between them too that will sound unlike all other things. It’s as if the piano is having fast paced microscopic spasm attacks and the voice is being strangled by electronic wires to create a perfect mouse and cat game.

On Lone On #File’ is pretty expressive, giving hints of being a song while keeping it as abstract and absurd as possible. It’s a whole bunch of vocal expressions set to super speedy piano keys that go from hyperactive chicken, to sensitive sights to explosive demon punk that wished you were dead. Its madness and it’s perfect!

Cotard’s Delusion’ is the closest to a theatrical performance on this album, coming across as a play between two characters that are played by the same person. It’s a fascinating chapter, and strangely a piece of rest among the excellent madness. A madness in which the artist completely goes out of its head in order to bring you the most explosive self-expressions that will feature ‘sssh’ and ‘aaah’ and ‘prrt’ among never heard before sounds coming from a man’s mouth.

The last work is VISCpt9) and feels as if the artist uses both hands and toes and perhaps his whole head to stroke the keys of a piano in rapid speed. But don’t think it’s random as there is definitely a structure here; a structure of a madness most divined. This album is a must hear, that you can hear over here:

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