HuorrouH – Surfing To Jutlandia On A Toilet Seat

1Artist: HuorrouH
title: Surfing To Jutlandia On A Toilet Seat
keywords: experimental, electronic, pop, surf, alternative, animation, music, Denmark

Denmark: A place famous for its medieval core of cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses & legendary folklore, and it being the birthplace of a certain Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark is one of these countries which seem to effect the imagination with fantastic fantasies resulting in all kinds of creativeness from creative individuals their creative minds.
Also (I’ve heard from a very reliable source) they have the best LSD in the world, which also might help prosper those who think up of fairy-tales and other fantastic arts.

One fairy-tale like character from Denmark is an artist named Jens Kristian Hansen, indeed a perfect name for a fairy-tale book author, but Jens has been (I believe) focusing his enormous amount of creativity on other causes than writing. He paints, clays, makes stop motion movies, draws and animates animations, and most importantly is a fine musician of all happy trades!

^ Jens Kristian Hansen

^ Jens Kristian Hansen

And even with all his enormous amounts of creativity mixed with openness, he still manages to put a aura around himself as an artist that makes him mysterious like an mythological figure. An artist that you know and makes you feel close to, and yet there is a mysterious mist to keep even the artist fairy-tale like.

You might not even know Jens Kristian Hansen, but perhaps you have heard of his output as HuorrouH? His recent music releases have been well received world-wide for its friendliness and artistic skills, and it just seems to get better and better by seeing and hearing his latest *must have* work!

Denmark should be proud to have this artist on board as with the brand new and extremely limited ‘HuorrouH = The Jutland Witchdoctor LP’ release, he certainly put the country in a good light creativity wise. He drawn the wonderful and inspiring cute looking artwork with great detail, and the music that I’ve heard of it is ‘sublime’! There are only 18 copies available world-wide, and only to order directly from HuorrouH by mailing him at  .
The tune ‘ Surfing To Jutlandia On A Toilet Seat’ is pretty much all you need to hear to be convinced,
but when it comes with a by the artist himself animated and drawn animation then you’ll be even more hyped away! The animation and song is so super tight and thought trough that every action of our ‘toilet surfer’ and his environmental journey towards Jutlandia is perfectly in sync with all that happens in the excellent energetic loopy music that is this tune. Think wicked beats, guitars, singing, poppy madness and pure originality! It’s probably the video that will influence you to run to the toilet, pull of the seat, throw it in the sea, jump on top and surf all the way to Denmark to get one of those limited copies from mister HuorrouH himself! Awesome!


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