Artist: XNDL
title: MMXIV
keywords: breakcore, drum & bass, electronic, instrumental, hip-hop, raggacore, breakcore, elektro, idm, experimental, down tempo

link: https://xndl.bandcamp.com/album/mmxiv

reviewer: Johan Nederpel

This demo album sets of with one hell of a track. Azkes Malaikes is everything a listener would want from heavy breaks, classical strings and moving pads in the background. It’s hard not to think about the legendary album ‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Született’ by breakcore veteran Venetian Snares. The only difference is is that this track is a bit heavier on the beats. More mechanical. But what a track to strat a so called demo album. If this is the beginning, then where will it lead us!

To track number two of course! Der Piltdown Mensch starts of as an old-school EDM track with a really cool distorted hip-hopesque vocal sample. The track flows more in a direction between Witch House and old Front242 material later on.

Der Kassenpatient explores the more d&b side and is a really deep track to listen too with headphones on. The lower ends are really sweet on the ears.

Materialistisch empirisch nicht belegbar is the name of the fourth track, which translates to something like ’ You can’t assign anything to materialism’. Do you still have your headphones on, ‘caus this track will fill those earholes with even deeper sounds.

Now it’s time to get a bit spooky. Ceterum censeo hominem esse delendam has that eerie Italian vampire movie vibe of the 60’s. Combined with a very weird militarian voice sample, this track hunts you down.

Dritte Welle is a real in-the-middle-of-an-album track. It has great potential, but misses some sort of extra vibe. Maybe it would be better if it was a sort interlude between tracks.

Primitiv is everything the name stands for. A primitive track. But not in a mean kind of way. It’s one of the more sophisticated tracks on the album. One that can stay in your brains for a long time.

Now it’s time for the second best track of the album. Attraktivität im ästethischen Sinne is a track made out of very different elements that blend together so good that they form a club worthy track. Hip-hop, break, sampling, low end bass it has everything!

§ 212 II StGB follows right behind the last track. Not only in track order, but also in style. A bit faster and harder, but with the same great elements as the previous track.

Hominisation, on the other hand, takes you in an easy vibe. A chill down track at almost the end of the album.

After the last chill track, it can go two ways. The last track will be even more chill, or it will explode in your face. Couldn’t do the same in one track, could it? It does! Brecher remix (original track on Vinyl-Version) is a track that is a worthy closer for such a great release! In the same vain as the first track, it combines classical elements with breaks.

Now for some final words: WOW! Well that was one word, but it summarizes everything I felt when listening to this album. After a couple of months leave, I’m glad to be back in the YIKIS HQ.

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