Black Mountain Thunder – Live 88.5

1Artist: Black Mountain Thunder
title: Live 88.5
format: CD-R
keywords: stoner / doom metal, shoegaze, sludge, scream , post rock,
label: Depressive Illusions Records

Black Mountain Thunder’s Live 88.5is one release that has a very high replay value. For sound and vibe you can think a bit for reference towards the early Manson family recordings; raw, passionate, jamming and in a quality that is very warm like the comfortable flames of a fire at a campsite. A sound that makes you feel as if you are there with them, hearing them play in the corner of your eyes. But where Charles Manson’s recordings had a more rambling wonky demo feel about them, the Black Mountain Thunder songs performed by Stephen Mcneer (Vocal and Congos), Paul Hill (guitar,backing vocals), Allen Coates (guitar & backing vocals) are pretty much wonk-free, and that without getting to sound clinical or uptight.

^ Black Mountain Thunder

^ Black Mountain Thunder

in fact the band’s openings song ‘Dreams’ is having this flow that feels as a friend, someone you instantly trust , a form of music that makes you want to lower your self-defenses in order to give in to this psychedelic stoner doom metal rock, that simply got everything perfectly under control in a very loose and appealing way.

I’ve been in all honesty a bit trapped on this song as I’ve been listening to it at least for one hour on repeat; which is saying a lot as there is no second in my mind that gets bored from hearing the same song over and over again; it’s the easy going tempo, the passionate raw voice and the whole sound and feel of it that just seems to have everything to become hooked upon. Almost like a cult; if this song was a cult of course…

^ Behold The Album to play on repeat forever and ever

^ Behold The Album to play on repeat forever and ever

‘Already Saved’ is another song on the release, and this one feels like it has a bit more bite in it. I mean the band has its teeth deep down in to the meaning of the words and the music. They mean every note and ever sentence of the lyrics, putting it down in this relaxed chill out way that even though it is coming across far from aggressive, it appears to me as if they are a proud bunch that could come at you like a wild boar  ; but  will just ignore you and go their own wise full way. The power and profoundness within this song makes you automatically want to respect them and their cause or opinions; this is not your average band; this is clearly a way of life.

Not all is serious as you can definitely hear that Black Mountain Thunder is making this music among well trusted friends as they laugh and break the spell for a little bit at the end of ‘already saved’, adding even more weight to their wisdom and knowledge possession; humor is a must!

‘When life has begun + cursed for disobedience’ is the last part on the acoustic disc, two songs in one with human activity in between and at the final end. The band really seems to deliver to sound at ease, using a good vibe among each-other to deliver something that is a fair and strong pleasant listen for anyone into this music style that you can easily hear for forever and ever. This band is keeping it real and their songs professional strong and trippy. A great release for anyone in need for authentic good music that you can play on repeat, with that pleasant and  irresistible live  Lo-fi feel! Recommendation número uno:

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