Baswoom – Baswoom EP

Artist: Baswoom
title: Baswoom EP
keywords: soundtrack, instrumental, post-rock, Portugal
reviewer: Willem van O.

Baswoom had mailed us with the important news that there is a Baswoom EP out. It is called ‘Baswoom EP’ which is a title that makes sure you know it’s an EP by Baswoom. As soon as you plug your ears in music starts to play, mainly guitar and a drum that bring a theme to the ears that at the beginning might be compared to a fitting soundtrack for a sad clown; it’s dramatic and yet has something positive in there. But when the first track moves towards its end the music becomes more heavy and quite depressive; if you kept on thinking of that clown with the tear in the eye; you might now imagine this clown dragging itself to a bridge, attaching a rope with a heavy brick to its legs in order to get ready to drop over the railing into the cold water beneath. That’s heavy music, but if you think of Ronald McDonald going for this ritual; it will be coming across a little bit lighter.

Then the Baswoom EP continues with a track named ‘You and your eyes’ and it’s here that there is a certain mood of prettiness captured, something that sounds more hopeful; perhaps even something that feelings-wise might be hinting towards ‘love’. It’s a track that you might play for someone (next to yourself) that you love; as a romantic instrumental work to hold each-other with.  It’s a stark contract of the heaviness that seems to be featured in the first track, but strangely it feels like a Ying and yang; they belong pretty much together.

Caress me, Change me seems to nicely blur the lines of these two pieces together, sacrificing the most dominating parts of each-other to find a compromising middle. There is a hint of sadness, a favor of love but it is more a feeling of in between that on one side touches upon the emotion of sentiment, but is yet too short to completely sink within it.

The last is beautiful, going for a melodic melancholic mood that made me feel as if it could be the music for ‘the godfather’ in a happy mood; Something sunny and happy on the back of others misery. When the track opens up into a situation of A more angelic string mood it feels to me as if it’s the music of the old mobster’s passing to the afterlife: Thinking back on all the things that he had achieved business, family and friends, casualties, romance and his favorite lap cat until finally reaching the gates of heaven.

What is there more to say than that Baswoom’s Baswoom EP is like a story of different emotions, a little mini episode of drama, love, depression, romance and death? Get it over here:

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1 Response to Baswoom – Baswoom EP

  1. ayy lmoa says:

    Great EP, loved it 😉

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