Nat Grant & Furchick – Scrap Yard Lingerie

Artist: Nat Grant & Furchick
title: Scrap Yard Lingerie
keywords: experimental, electronic, sound art, weird, Perth
label: Dog Park Records

Dog Park Records is a brand new label run by Furchick with a focus on delivering its listeners the weird side of music. The first release was planned for the first day of next month, but the weirdo behind the label screwed with her own rules and regulations by releasing it a few hours ago instead.

Personally I was glad that it happened as I enjoyed having the honor to go to the press conference for a preview (and soft opening of a bottle of wine and this release) , I couldn’t really sleep until it would be officially out and about so I could share this with you.

Why? Well because it’s good, that’s why. I did have something critical on my mind that I want to get out, but I will safe that for a bit later in this post; first it’s time for some praises and honesty reviewers wise.(don’t worry, nobody will be able to bribe my opinions with one single bottle of wine…)

The music on this release was quite different than what I had expected it to be. Somehow somewhere a thought that the music on this release would be experimental trailer trash punk in which the sound re-innovators would hit bin-bags and kick empty cans in order to create music… But it was not only far removed from this baseless expectation, it was something much more beautiful and pretty, something that impressed me; the sound of romance!

‘Scrap Yard Lingerie’ is not at all punk or loud with rambling scrap yard noises, it’s an alternative romantic soundtrack that feels very warm, intimate, mysterious and cozy. It consists of two lengthy audio sessions that easily slide into each other as if it’s done live and on the spot, without a break in order to keep the cozy intimacy alive and flowing.

And… It works, very, very well. From the comfortable sounding leaking caravan to the lovable cooking session with scraps; experimental sound artists Nat Grant & Furchick have outdone themselves by bringing the sound of intimacy and romance in a very different, alternative & abstract way. I’m not 100 percent sure if it is weird, but on the other hand it probably is; as not a lot of people will see the beauty of abstract scraps and a leaking caravan as the sound to cuddle up too; but trust me, it really is….

This is Lovely stuff & if you download it; you get the bonus ‘Scrapyard Lingerie’ video too, which will take you on a nice refreshing ride in a visual and sound way.
What a lovely first release coming from the Dog Park, and it’s free so even more reason to jump in and celebrate this sweet madness. Check it out over here:

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