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Crooked Weather – Long Garden

Artist: Crooked Weather title: Long Garden keywords: folk, earth music, original, psych, folk, psychedelic, United Kingdom Crooked Weather brings the music that will provide an extra aura around a campfire. It does this with its humble sounding analogue folk music … Continue reading

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The Chewers – The Lurk

Artist: The Chewers title: The Lurk keywords: experimental, art rock, avant rock, avant-garde, blues, experimental, rock, noise rock, punk rock, weird, Nashville You might have heard of ‘The Chewers’ before, but did you ever see them? Today within this post … Continue reading

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Noise Arcade – Static Faded Even Further

Artist: Noise Arcade Title: Static Faded Even Further Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Electronic, Metal, IDM, Experimental, Industrial, Noise Reviewer: Alex Spalding Hello again, reader, and welcome to the great triple-sunned desert planet YIKIS IV, located in the outer rimjob … Continue reading

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Payaso Cagar Trompada – Prosper

Artist: Payaso Cagar Trompada title: Prosper keywords: 8bit, alternative, electropunk, la plata, indie, post-internet, webpunk, Argentina Children holding hands while they delightfully jump over the hills, happy faces tattooed on air balloons; this is the kind of feeling I get … Continue reading

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Yva & The Toy George – Love Toys & Molotovs

artist: Yva & The Toy George title: Love Toys & Molotovs keywords: electronic, disco, punk, electro, electropop, no-wave, pop, Belgrade A one girl band from Belgrade named Yva & The Toy George brings you the perfect electro groove pop rock … Continue reading

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Caffeinate – CCC

Artist: Caffeinate title: CCC keywords: odd, caffeinate, caffeination records, netlabel, free label: Caffeination Records Normally I would sit on top my dusty desk while reviewing music, but as today the bailiffs had taken my desk away; it’s time to … Continue reading

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Yeah I Know It Sucks Awards

Hello and welcome dearest readers, guests of honor and other characters that stumbled upon this monumental moment on the sucky side of the internet. Today it is a celebration, a time to look back what has been achieved, a time … Continue reading

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Artist: Pacific keywords: rock, pop, with a bit of ALT, videos reviewer: Willem van O. Pacific is not what you might think it is; Once again proof that paying attention at school isn’t worth anything. Pacific isn’t the largest of … Continue reading

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7inchWave – 1.44 MB Floppy Disc Single

Artist: 7inchWave title: 1.44 MB Floppy Disc Single keywords: punk, devo, surf punk, Ames reviewer: Fred Oppy 7inchWave’s ‘theme’ single on a floppy is a cheeky sounding one. It has very strange named members doing the music for you on … Continue reading

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Brother Android – Black Gate 3.5” Floppy Disk

Artist: Brother Android title: Black Gate 3.5” Floppy Disk keywords: electronic, atmospheric, chip, chiptune, lo-fi, prog, Austin reviewer: Fred Oppy The Black Gate is where contradictions – high fidelity and low fidelity, dark and light, minimalism, maximalism, repetition, variation, simplicity, … Continue reading

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