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Bottlesmoker – Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix

Artist: Bottlesmoker title: Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix keywords: electronic, Indonesia, bottlesmoker, electronica, experimental,chiptune,hypnagogic, pop, remix, Sounthend On Sea artist website: label: Wrieuw Recordsings Hello and welcome at another ‘review’, or perhaps better described as an … Continue reading

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Cynthia Cruz – Singing in the rain

artist: Cynthia Cruz title: Singing in the rain keywords: hobby, singing, rain, video Singing in the rain is one hobby practiced by many, but  noticed by few. its more fun and safer then singing in a blazing fire, or in … Continue reading

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Chimney Crow – 17 Guns

artist: Chimney Crow title: 17 Guns keywords: experimental, electronic Chimney Crow’s ’17 Guns’ is one of these tunes that simply never bores. You can hear it over and over again, and still enjoy it without ever feeling slightly annoyed. Unless … Continue reading

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Scapa Flow – Diseased, Pleased

Artist: Scapa Flow title: Diseased, Pleased keywords: electronic, industrial, noise, noise rock, rock, post-punk, Miami Scapa Flow makes itself at home in an instant. With a short exposure of a persisting doubt Scapa Flow pulls open the ears to parade … Continue reading

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Dino Felipe – So Lazy

artist: Dino Felipe title: So Lazy keywords: Dino Felipe, digital punk, electronic, pop, alternative, video, experimental Dino Felipe’s most popular music video on Youpoop is one for his famous ‘so lazy’ song. the popularity of this video and song is … Continue reading

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The Dead Heads – Beast of Gevaudan

artist: The Dead Heads title: Beast of Gevaudan keywords: experimental, comedy, crazy, electronic, weird, United States I don’t know what scares me more, The Dead Heads or a certain Beast of Gevaudan, but I figured 1 + 1 = 0, … Continue reading

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poppy nogood – moment of truth

artist: poppy nogood title: moment of truth keywords: expérimental, avant, bedroom, bedroom pop, electronic,emotional,house,emotive,laptop,lo-fi,sad,soul, California The truth with poppy nogood’s moment of truth is that it’s bloody good. I mean bloody good as in it being perfect. (suddenly the red … Continue reading

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