Alex Spalding – Glow

Artist: Alex Spalding
title: Glow
keywords: Music, Chillout, Nu Jazz, Breaks, Rhodes

Experimental vaporous post-jazz trax inspired by blacklight.
Jambient coffee breaks.
New glo-mantic lovescapes.
-Alex Spaling time…

I do not care what time it is over there; but let’s call it as universal as the ‘Alex Spalding time’. Here it means that it’s early evening, the sun had gone to the other side of the planet earth, and darkness & a fine smiling moon had took its place. There is no wind; not even a breeze, no rain or any other disturbing weather factor; just a warm perfect night. On top of it I imagine that the ‘Alex Spalding time’ comes with an outside whirlpool lit by candle lights… So there you go: sitting in a whirlpool with candle and moonlight on a perfect night equals ‘Alex Spalding time’. Doesn’t sound bad at all, right? Feel like joining?

^ 'Alex Spalding Time'

^ ‘Alex Spalding Time’

Of course you need the whirlpool, the candlelight & the perfect temperature, moonlight and darkness; but there is a way to experience the ‘Alex Spalding time’ without the real life situation; you might just need a special chill out music that will insert this ‘Alex Spalding Time’ easy into your imagination. Just play the free downloadable ‘Glow’ and let it do the smooth criminal in your head & you too will feel like having a perfect night in the outside whirlpool with candle lights and moonshine. And if (for whatever lucky reason) you are indeed sitting in an outside whirlpool in that perfect night, you might just want to add this free ‘glow’ to make it even more magical and chill then it already is. Why not indulge in this luxury, and enjoy the perfect ‘Alex Spalding time’ if you are already half way there? It is a really short dip, but absolutely worth it!

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3 Responses to Alex Spalding – Glow

  1. Linda says:

    Very smooth, very relaxing and makes me feel like I have something to explain at home as why I have been so intimate with Alex Spaldings’ glowing details……

  2. Rinus says:

    schoevague a word never used before in the history off time. Alex Spalding time must be from an other dimension. Very relaxing

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