Material Action – Vault Trax 02 – AEMS – Videodrome

Artist: Material Action
title: Vault Trax 02 – AEMS – Videodrome
keywords: vaporwave,video, noise,abstract, experimental, rhythm, dance, italo, noise, sounds,lobit, post-punk, alternative,dance,eighties, weird, fun
label: L0BIT

Because of a brain malfunction and trying to review the freshest lobit release on L0BIT while watching the  Biodrome movie on repeat, I had come to the conclusion that I would do the biased thing of letting the label owner and the music maker fill this reviewers space up for themselves…  Here is a word by one of the members of Material Action (Alex Spalding) about this release (Sit back and enjoy):


^ oictured above: Alex Spalding

^ oictured above: Alex Spalding

This is the second sound experiment recording that Eric and I produced, released under the kind of lame alias ฦMS. The Material Action project didn’t really start until Eric got his hands on an EDP Wasp.

In making the sounds here, mostly abstract noise with lots of samples, we utilized the same long-form delay process as with Totemic Abyss, but got… even more experimental, I guess, grabbing every random VHS tape we could find, shoving them into a VCR and running the output through the MicroKorgs. Toward the end, with Force Me Open, Parts 1 and 2, we started running mp3 players into the synths, sampling out all kinds of stuff. I mostly tried to use the Freestyle Pop crossover hit single Catch Me I’m Falling by Pretty Poison as the primary basis for the tracks, but you can hear a lot of different music floating around and it’s pretty ridiculous!

I then took the massive recording and edited the whole thing down into tracks. In the future, when working on new music we’d ransack this album occasionally for samples, too.

During the same session that these recordings took place, Eric and I also sat down with the synths and randomly started playing this thing that we decided to tack onto Videodrome when released. I’m playing strings while Eric has the other Korg set up to play arpeggios in sync’d harmonies, and I think he was also doing the bassline. We called it Italo Track, but we later re-visited it while making P.o.T., re-dubbing it Just A Memory.

-Alex Spalding

Oh, hello… Glad you are still here, are you getting excited from the internal information?
In need for more to just push you a little bit more over the edge?
Well here is the official album write up by the label owner of L0BIT. I know him pretty well, so I can tell you; you can trust him on his word. Here it goes…


The weird, wired and the wiredly weird are coming together in this experimental exposure of which ‘Material Action’ stands guilty for.
1There is no explanation greater than that of experimentation, which is probably why it took so long for me to come up with words to describe this release.
1After a year of cavemen thinking about it all I concluded that it was a mission impossible to give it the write up treatment that it craved, but wrote this (what you are reading right now) instead.
1i hope you will be alright with it as I couldn’t sit in fetus position for another year thinking how to describe this wicked album without clogging the cue of other future lobit releases to futuristic lengths.
1this album is by far the most experimental sounding that my ears had come across from ‘Material Action’, giving way to extraordinaire sound and noise explorations in which doomed and haunted video tape cassettes seems to be converted into music making appliances.
1The results are extreme, music provocations of the highest lobit order that will feed listeners audio culture that reminds of the time that video rental places where still state of the art shops from the future, and static noises something unheard off.
1This must hear episode of the Material Action fault is a discovery of sound, rhythm and information flow; A consistent epic adventure in which you will be able to dive through the archives to hear the previously unexplored and explore it.
1As the journey continues patterns unfold, audio visions of a bizarre world of lost media will expose itself and if this overload of ‘Material Action’ history isn’t enough, the band will reward the listener with italo disco to ease back and sip this blast of discovery in.
1special? You bet it is!
1Tune in by downloading it by clicking on the following happy square smiley face:
or alternatively you might help yourself at the following archive page!
Be aware excellent experimental historic free ‘music’ ahead:

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