Fuckmaker – Untitled

Artist: Fuckmaker
title: Untitled
keywords: punk, trashfuck, concrete, cut-up,field recordings,found sounds, grindcore, harsh noise, harshnoise,musique-concrete, noise,plunderphonics, powerviolence,Detroit
label: TRASHFUCK Records http://trashfuckrecords.bandcamp.com

Fuckmaker will make violent love with your ears and every time you start liking it a bit too much, fuck maker pulls out, let your excitement  become a disappointment and when Fuckmaker thinks you are ready; shoves it back in, to pull out when you are about to climax. When Fuckmaker is fucking your ears up you are treated with a whole palette of wild and thick penetrating noises that are difficult to place, but feel like power bolts that can make you come and give you stars to watch; but Fuckmaker isn’t here to give into your pleasure; Fuckmaker pulls out every time he feels the hint of you (as a listener) enjoying it too much. In other words Fuckmaker fucks with your head & you just got to take it like it is.

There is no hope only exciting snippets of harshness that gets taken away from you, leaving you to beg for a full frontal assault that Fuckmaker gives you by not giving it to you. It’s as if someone who enjoys receiving a spanking, is ready with the ass exposed and the spanker gives it a few hits but never a drumroll on the ass cheeks; mental torture for the masochistic noise lover is how I would describe the first track named Father Of Casper, Eternal Disappointment, Accepted With Pride.

The lengthy second session is in comparison a blast in which the noise of Fuckmaker doesn’t hold back, as a mind crushing overwhelming harshness gets inserted in your ears like a case of sweet diarrhea that comes out under a great pressure with unlimited material to be squeeze out of its system.  Sitting through the session in which a fine wall of blood poop is going for a blast, my mind seems to crumble as the sound seems to dominate and destroy any thoughts that had been going on the mind before tuning into this release.

It is at this moment that Fuckmaker adds more ‘fuck’ to the track by feeding it wildly arranged sounds on top that are there not to add an ambient element to the fierce wall of crumbling shit, but to give it the feeling of an exciting fight; a cat with long nails that attempts to scratch your eye balls out, a collection of aggressively approaching sharp swords pinning down your inner ear holes.

This will make the crumbling wall of harsh noise one that will rise your heartbeat to insane heights, a state in which you might as well declare yourself insane enough to let the noise triggered hallucinations in. It feels to me that Fuckmaker exactly knows that this is the moment in which the listener is losing its mind, as when the grip on reality fades away in order to slip in a bleak moment of mindless freedom,  Fuckmaker sneakily slips in some quick dose of ‘music’ between the rumble; fucking completely with the mind by doing the unexpected; and it totally works ‘fucking the mind-wise’. Fuckmaker than really seems to take over creating a sound force powerful enough to be strangely numb and hyped up by.

The release continues this ‘high’ with Obsessive-compulsive Annoyant, a harsh but overwhelming crunch with tones that feel like the cutting of hell stones; sharp, rock hard and strong. The thick assault on the crushing bass frequencies in combination with the arrangement of noise is effective by setting an odd mood; it’s like being in a nightmare in which you are trapped under a fast speeding train from hell and Fuckmaker pushes the break not to make the train to stop but just so the sounds of the break and the rails will terrorize your ears even more. In more positive words; it’s quite a thrill.

The last exposure of the sound of Fuckmaker on this release feels strangely a bit more easier, as if instead us being tormented under the train close to rails are finally welcome to travel inside a noised up train cabin. There are individuals there, perhaps a traveling band, an old dude beeping noises, someone who sings; a bunch of lost travelers that you will join. Click here to jump on board for a good mind fuck:

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