Like Junk – Faceache floppy disc single

Artist: Like Junk
title: Faceache floppy disc single
keywords: Australian, punk, cellar sessions, feedback, perth, piano, post-punk,
reviewer: Fred Oppy

Like Junk? Like ‘Like Junk’! And especially like the Like Junk’s limited edition floppy disc single ‘faceache’ from the album, “The Creature’s Voice LP. A good choice to have this single released on a floppy; as just like junk; we really like floppies too!

And this song, ladies and gentle males, is basically very good stuff indeed. Very likable in the sense that it’s different, punky, edgy, and quite fun! And it has to be said (don’t be angry for noticing this strange side effect) fairly catchy too! The music has a bit of a Devo feel, especially the fun sounding vocals that go up and down in a frantic way. It’s fun as when you close your eyes it isn’t hard to imagine the band as if they are crazed out roosters buzz cocking around in a druggy daze of tingling excitement.

There buildup is also sensational, as if the needle first has to settle in before getting in to the junk zone to take the piss in a frantic way!  The guitar and drum are like a bright punch in the face and fuel enough reason to feel the comical Oy Oy Oy side of punk! It’s good fun, best enjoyed completely wasted and trashed, but still good fun while completely sober dressed in a suit stuck in a horrible office job. You might jump out of the window and rip your clothes apart; but in both situations this can certainly be good fun as well!

So yes it is clear that I like ‘Faceache’ and automatically Like Junk too! And if you have for done extreme bizarre reason a similar taste of fun, you’ll probably would dig this floppy too! It’s like most floppy releases a rare and hard find, but you might try contacting Like Junk and beg them for a saved copy for their Junkie vaults:

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