Schnauz – Pixel Rave

Artist: Schnauz
title: Pixel Rave
keywords: experimental, chiptune, glitch, lo-fi ,mash ,barz ,noise ,noisy ,rework schnauz, skit ,Russian Federation
label: mash barz
reviewer: Fred Oppy

When you are completely sucked into the floppy diskette hoarding habit, it might be that you will have a very low interest in releases brought out on any other formats other than the floppy disk. Even though you are probably the kind of person who wants to support the DIY scene, you just can’t be bothered to buy a CDr, a piece of vinyl or a minidisc.. It’s understandable as when you have floppies, who the hell wants something else?

That’s probably what the label Mash BarZ also thought, and smartly incorporated this never ending hunger for the floppy disk in to its smart business plan to get other forms of releases to be sold.

In fact the label seems to have taken hostage a brilliant floppy party release by Schnauz named ‘Pixel Rave’. And the only way you can get this floppy out of their hands is by ordering any other release from their catalogue. They even tell you that ‘Pixel Rave’ is free, just pay for the postal costs and some other releases on the side. It seems like anything except a floppy goes!

Trust me it’s a torture seeing such a great release hopelessly discriminated because of it being a floppy and not a CD, tape, or piece of vinyl. Someone save those floppy disks and give them a good home in which they are loved for who they are and the content that has so delightfully been stocked inside of them.

And yes, it’s not about its looks, real beauty comes from the inside. And in case of this floppy, the inside is energetic pixel rave music that might get you (and friends) in the festive party mood. Energetic beeps and blops are what this is all about! Who cares about other releases, if you would have this work of Schnauz in your house? Oh and by the way, there are only ten of them.. Which means; not a hell of a lot + anyone who saves one from the claws of this smart label will be having a very exclusive party! Posh as it may sound to have only ten copies available in the whole world, yet the music sounds as wild like a punk that had made love with a computer!

Can’t say it enough; save those floppies and give them a new home in which love and safety go hand in hand with mega exclusive bleep partying!

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