Witch Cult – Witch Cult

Artist: Witch Cult
Title: Witch Cult
Format: floppy
Keywords: power violence, noise, punk, grindcore
Label: amps against trend https://m.facebook.com/AmpsAgainstTrend?
reviewer: Fred Oppy

This release opens up with revealing ambient industrial that unfolds layer after layer, and so gradually turns into a greasy (and hissy) rustic wasteland in which you would expect someone like Mad Max to drive on of his automobiles through. In fact if you listen carefully a voice erupts, wrestling out a bunch of lyrics that I personally cannot capture, but they must be of a wild vivid and rancid warrior kind.

Than we have ‘Burnt Flesh’ which is a powerful short attack with high screeches, and the vocalist spitting his internal organs out, as if the fellow is on actually fire.

Another one is ‘could have’, here the project simply doesn’t waste any time and goes for a punch of electric guitar rambling aggressive in the face, plus of course those ear grilling vocals that doesn’t want to leave the ‘music’ behind!

The ‘Everyday’ song is probably the most available sing a long song (if that’s even possible!) on this floppy disk. Here you can hear the words ‘every’ and ‘day’ pronounced in a way that is certainly gives you the creeps. This on its own is already something to be bewildered by, as we use these words on a regular basis without even thinking that it has the possibility to sound evil and grindingly dark. But here is obviously the proof that with a powerful voice, some dark attitude in sound; even the most normal words can be used to introduce fear and aggression to whoever decides to listen to this kind of thing.

XbiglurchX is a very short piece of power violence. It still has the full amount of grindcore basics; a nice feedback intro and then a full frontal attack in which the project pulls everything out of the cupboard.

FU/FS managed to be even shorter and still have everything you could possibly wish for. It even got a guitar feedback peep at the end; it doesn’t get more punk than this, so you better eat it all at once.

Deteriorate’ is the one in which you be invited to lose all your shit. It’s proper violence, forcing it all at once with great detail in rawness. There are these raging vocals, the blasting guitars and the feedback beeps. But they had never gone away in all these other previous tracks; it just feels like this might be a violent highlight.

As you probably might have noticed, I do not know shit about grindcore, or whatever this is called; but I get it. It’s loud and full of hardcore rage, probably viewers’ discretion is advised, and a warning sticker for explicit lyrics should be stuck on this disk. And you know what; this disk is not even finished yet! There is ‘Burn’ a to the point thrill of a track with clear lyrics telling the listeners that ‘this is what they want’ and ‘this is what they need’ followed with guitar beeps stabbing the ears in a rhythmic way. It’s something probably best heard live, but does sound very effective even coming from a floppy.

The last track ‘Break’ is the top of this punk ass enforcer of a diskette, giving everything in a power structure way, including an exclusive ear damaging exposure of full high range beeps! Just enough to make my ears bleed, but that’s all part of the game I guess. If power violence, punk, grind core , electric guitar, growling clear & wild sounding hate through vocals is your thing; then you’ll probably be pleased to know that this floppy disk is out there somewhere; probably killing someone right now…

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