BeE Ororo – the lioness

1 copyartist: BeE Ororo
keywords: r&b,jazz,soul,blues

BeE Ororo is one of the warmest and kindest singer / songwriters in London, her voice is as generous as her personality. She is one of these rare true artists that not just perform a song, but actually ‘feels it’ while delivering it.

Wherever she pops up, you bet to be put under a quality spell of music that is as captivating as it is inviting. Her reputation in the London blues jazz scene is solid as she brings the rhythm back in blues, the jazz back in jazz and delivers New Orleans-style songs as if you are in New Orleans..
She brings it all to life with passion mixed with her own strong soulful character that I could describe animal wise as nothing less than a beautiful ‘Lioness’.

Of course BeE Ororo doesn’t perform her songs with background of silence, but plays with many talented musicians who just like her, are devoted to bring the best vibes out of the song. One of these individuals is Tony Rico who (as a free lance sax player) has cut his front teeth off from excessive playing; a sacrifice that was absolutely worth it!

There are lots of videos on Youtube, and there are some tracks up on ReverbNation but obviously it’s best to keep an eye out for ways to hear BeE Ororo and friends performing live in an intimate place, or festival for the BeE Ororo experience as it is intended. I’m sure you will end up cheering of happiness like this satisfied bunch in the following video:

You can try to keep an eye out for upcomming performances, or just show some love (IT’S HER BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!) over at her facebook page:
Happy Birthday Bee!

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