Logosamphia : a ‘quick’ look at his career in the music industry

Logosamphia has been more than 3 decades active in the music industry,
from behind the scenes, to very much busy buzzing on the forefront of things;
Logosamphia always had (and still has) his finger on the pulse, innovating music that all the copycats are running after with notebooks and pencils.

A few months ago Logosamphia had celebrated his long standing career with celebrities, admirers and friends. The celebrities that attained where not just celebs, but really the top of the crop; the ones who really matter in the music business today; Prince, Irrlicht Project, Madge, Linda de Mol, Hassan K, Harry Merry, Iggy Azalea, The Beach Boys & The Gif Girls. Unfortunately because of certain unfortunate circumstances our reporter had missed the entire event… (The poor woman had locked herself accidentally up at a toilet at a local coffee shop, escaped only to arrive at the venue when the party was long gone and over…)

^ the sight of a party that was over...

^ the sight of a party that was over…

To make up for our lack of journalistic & pick-pocketing skills,  and mainly for not reporting on the high-so private music event celebrating the Logosamphia career, we will take a little break to take a quick peek at some memorable career moves that made the artist into the pop super star that he nowadays plucks his fruits from.
1Way, way back.. When Logosamphia was still innocent and sweet, he met up with the famous rapper Charly Linch who automatically jumped on the producers beats, and started spitting words that would sound to many of us as ‘double dutch’. Which is a language that sounds like Dutch, and somehow it might as well be Dutch. Some music critics claimed it was neither Dutch or Double Dutch, but said that Charly Linch raps in a language known as ‘Nederlandsch’.
Whatever the case, the combination of music and rap (in whatever language) was never done before,
and this innovative combination was opening a whole new scene of rap and electronics. Do you remember the classic video?

Remember way back in the day, before Britney Spears hijacked Iggy Azalea for a pop smash hit? The time in which nobody knew who Britney or Iggy was?

It was a ‘special time’ and Logosamphia (with his good nose for success) had already sniffed up the talent that is Iggy Azalea, before anyone else, and produced the one and only Iggy Azalea EP which was so well received that it made the producers of Britney even work harder to ‘pop’ her sound around, without being overruled by the popularity of Iggy…
^ the grammy award winning historic EP

One of the best career moves that Logosamphia had done was doing what no other artist had done before; introducing a special dance to be followed by a gigantic hype.
People all over the world suddenly where doing the ‘Logosamphia’, which was a dance with distinctive moves involving the hip, arms, and legs.
In some countries it was dubbed ‘the monkey dance’. Do you remember the viral video from back in the day?

Holy1, Enfant terrible, Ego Twister records, Darling Dada & Metronomicon audio, AFA and himself all signed the artist with billion dollar record deals,
the artist formally known to be very active in the underground was facing a terrible time of struggling between the world famous glam stars, and his association with his roots of grassroots busking lunatics.
Eventually he took the best from both worlds by introducing another alter ego to the world.
The world press was wildly deceived and shocked, surprised and slightly outraged when we (yes YIKIS) blew his cover.
An event you can still read over here <-

Do you remember the time before they invented the Techno Viking?
At that time Logosamphia was already hard busy exploring this new phenomenon that some people started to call ‘rave’.
Those early days had to be hard work, no VIP campers, no luxury hotels or fancy four star dinners; but mud, rain, water, a good bunch of hardcore weirdos proving that white people cant dance; it was unheard off!
Looking back at it now, in a time in which huge dance festivals, open air raves and other electronic music parties are now reduced to coca cola sponsored events in stadiums and other large rural areas with always sunny weather, and tons of safety percussions; it’s amazing how Logosamphia had set this trend. Thank Goth, someone had captured the historical beginnings of this all & loaded it up on youpoop:

Perhaps you remember the first ever music video on MTV?
Way before they even had a name for MTV, they tested the channel out with the very first video clip with the now famous ‘Monnonites’ tune. The success of the never seen before square pixels flashing on the television screen in an order never explored before was gradual, but certainly made an impact considering that it launched a single station that only broadcasted music videos. A task the broadcasters had no hope or believe in; but turned out (for a while) quite successful.
Nowadays MTV has gone downhill and conquered by Youtube watch on demand videos,
which bizarrely also features this very rare video clip that lounged the whole TV music video channel. Come and enjoy the nostalgia from back in the day over here:

All in all, we can agree that the impact of Logosamphia’s innovative music, performances & multimedia had quite an impact on the world that we are living now. The only way to pay tribute back is to dive up the attack and play some Logosamphia classics, or perhaps check out his bandcamp:

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