Shade – Shade

Artist: Shade
title: Shade
keywords: ambient, acid, insane, retarded, Chicago
reviewer: Willem van O.

As we engage in a shady business by making this place as awkward as possible by mixing the ‘normal’ with the ‘abnormal’ (and the other way around), we might as well poop up some words for Shade. Shade is not more, and certainly not less than only an introduction, so it would be really awkward if someone here wrote an essay about it.

So here it goes:

Shade’s shade is self-explainable in its own shady right. It’s short, and feels like there should be much more Shady shade material happening after the one and only ‘intro’ track, but it doesn’t. Perhaps that’s what makes Shade, shady: putting a shady shadow on unfair high Shade expectations that had no real sufficient ground to stand on.

How does it sound like? Well quite sure Shade is sounding ‘shady’. There are some electric farts, a shady Shade voice mumbling something in a muffled hip hop way and electric alarm like sounds alarming with a tick rhythm. It’s not worth your time really, yet I feel like it is worth mine. (So maybe it is worth your time after all)

If this was up on the popular audio streaming service named Soundcloud, it would probably be tagged under ‘Soundclown’, but as this is up on Bandcamp it feels even a bit shadier. Bandclown simply doesn’t sound right, and Bandcramp is just sounding silly. I don’t know, I think Shade is just a blurb of shady music business that makes me think of a gigantic pizza loving fat gangsta rapper lurking around in the crazy shades of the internet age. Feeling the burning sun, need some shade? Well here ya go:

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