Hijos De Pitch (en vivo en Mal de Muchos)

1Artist: Hijos De Pitch
title en vivo en Mal de Muchos
keywords: video, live performance, dance, groove, electronic

When your thing is window shopping, you walk past windows of shops and look at the window displays. It has nothing to do with shopping, as you obviously keep your pennies in your pocket, and just pass by when your eyes had enough of it. It’s a bit like pretending you are in a museum, wandering around looking at things some shop employees in the commercial decorative art sector had put together to trigger an interest in what is inside the shop, behind the window display, to convert your ‘window shopping’ into a ‘shopping’ session.

Hey there, I'm a window display... do you like what you see? Do you want to come in and do some shopping?

Hey there, I’m a window display… do you like what you see? Do you want to come in and do some shopping?

When you pretend that Youtube is the road, and the Youtube video’s windows with a window display in it, you probably be guilty to some window shopping sessions too. I’ve been doing it the digital way too, from one window to another. The streets of Youtube has so many window displays that you easily get lost… This was a thing that happened to me, until I stumbled upon a real window display within the ‘pretend’ window display. Confused? -You are not the only one.

..some window displays are confusing

..some window displays are confusing

But this window display was something that was an eye and ear opener.
No fancy cut out carton decorations, no scary looking mannequins or Christmas decorations but music instruments… And a Argentinian duo playing them!
Hijos De Pitch is their name, and instead of wanting to go in for a shopping spree; you’ll just find yourself outside in front of the window display spastically dancing, moving and grooving on the music that the window display performs.

You want some of that? I’ll point you right at the window.. It’s right, right over here: (or below this line)

For more Hijos De Pitch it is advised to stop your window shop dancing and move over to their official soundcloud account for more tunes:

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