The Tara Experiment – Noise

Artist: The Tara Experiment
title: Noise
keywords: electronic, radiophonic, experimental, hauntology, minimal wace, modular synthesizer, musique concrete, psychedelia, radiophonic, vintage, electronica, United States

Without counting 1,2,3,4 the Tara experiment starts to feed anyone who tunes in with illustrious synthesizer loops and sounds. The repetitive way of rhythm without a beat gives a real hypnotic sense to the whole track; making it one that you could absolutely express yourself on in a experimental self-invented dance, or just stare into while slowly but surely be fulfilled with an intoxicating sound progression. This experiment might be able to drive sane persons nuts, but it feels as if it’s the good kind of nuts.

The next number begins with an exposure of warm electric tones that gradually gets a hint of a psychedelic Arabian hot night in the desert vibe. It’s something pleasant with its warmth and haunting at the same time.

Then a lengthy experiment by the Tara Experiment appears and it’s titled ‘the girl who swallowed sunshine’. It’s a fitting title as the exotic synthesizer soundscape sounds as if only shadows and moonshine is left to give life on earth some distinctive highlights. Electronic crickets are pretty much enjoying this new sunshine-less environment and strangely (for a sun worshiper) I do too. It’s a very relaxed lengthy stretch of synthetic waves that go slowly up and down, turning the darkness into something that is brewing in warmth and calmness.

The Tara Experiment then provides the sounds of the sky people, a nice track that makes me feel like it picks me up from under the elbows and gradually pushes up for a lightweight weightless experience between clouds, air-balloons,sky and some flying birds.its the feel good experiment on this release, and guess what; it does feel good to fly without flapping your arms…

The Omega Factor is up next and instead of wanting to write to you about it, I just settled myself on top of a comfortable pillow and spooned it all up into my ears as if it was a delicious ice cream. It’s really smoothอา & got a fine rhythm over it which electronics wise is enough reason to just relax and bounce your head too, as if being hypnotically impressed by the sound of it all.

With ‘ringstone round’ the music keeps breathing out this relaxing atmosphere that gets visually merged between the prospect of being in the Indian desert high on peyote, and being somewhere checking out alien UFO’s that fly around above a hot air space. It’s very relaxing material, and if that was Tara’s goal; it certainly exceeded.
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