Payaso Cagar Trompada – Let’s try

Artist: Payaso Cagar Trompada
title: Let’s try
keywords: 8bit, alternative, electropunk, la plata, indie, post-internet, Argentina, video
label: Tuamalanpak Records
words by: Juses

With a hand raised forwards the hero of this story scans the surroundings for spiritually connected souls. Are you one of them?


Yes you.

You might raise your hand in front too to try and find out if you are able to feel the electric pressure on the palm of your hand towards the top of your fingers( it’s like a magnet in search for its spiritual opposite. If you could feel ‘something’ you are invited to place your hand close to the screen when the video clip embedded below plays and does its thing…

If you are spiritually compatible to Payaso Cagar Trompada you might feel your hand being pushed towards the hand of the artist in search for the ‘spiritually connected’ within this video. Would Payaso Cagar Trompada know that there is a whole world of spirituality outside this video? Would they be aware that there are a bunch of readers out there, touching the hand of Payaso Cagar Trompada from all over the world, just for a glimpse of spiritual revelation?

Let’s focus on the video, as within it the spiritual artist will find other spiritually connected. They will feel the energy, their spirituality connectivity that will gain power, love and electronic bleep music; the good kind of spiritual vibes! It’s almost a modern day biblical happening in which music is the religion, and can only be made great by connecting to the ones who are ‘feeling it’. Are you feeling it? raise your hand, click the video and try it out over here:

If you felt the connection, you are very free to connect even more by clicking the following link, and get spiritually connected with the free spirited (and free downloadable!) Syncro # Mistica EP:

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1 Response to Payaso Cagar Trompada – Let’s try

  1. Linda says:

    I am sitting here in my rainbow hoody and I do feel the connection. Ready for the weekend!

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