Isa GT – Melo Komo Remixes EP

Artist: Isa GT
title: Melo Komo Remixes EP
keywords: Columbia, cumbia, experimental, latin, tropical, electronic,

Colombian DJ/Producer Isa GT brought a percussive slow moving dance track to swing your hips to in a sensual fashion. The synthesized melody, the dark piano accents and the cool vocal performance making it in a hot brewing excellence that sounds tropically exotic, in an intoxicating poisonous way.

The tune comes with a dub version, and it certainly keeps on delivering the body the infectious sound to move around. It makes me feel as if it’s the perfect tune to hear when downing in refreshing cocktails on a late night beach party.

Castagno’s remix brings the piano a bit more to the foreground, along with a more step-beat and the rhyme for a nice freaky spin on the original. It does come across a little bit more dark, with an impressive alternative drop.

EsaMiPau’s remix gives it a more synthetic baseline, which changes the mood in a minimal mellow way with kooky hooks. It’s a great remix to keep you up at night, even just in order to find stuff to use as percussion to play along. All is nice and good, so if you’re in a tropical hot brewing mood and need a tune to go along with it; search no further!

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