James Rig – Willard

Artist: James Rig
title: Willard
keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, field recording, maine, noise, process, music, sound art, Chicago

This is the music for relaxation and internal cleaning. All you need to do is turning it on; sit back or lie down, and just let yourself slip inside a comfort zone. From this comfortable position the ambient will let you explore a coastal paradise, a harbor or a safe haven, in which boats are safely attached to the land by ropes and boulders as water calmly streams underneath them.

This place is familiar to you even if you’ve never been there; it got this thing covered as if it being a distant memory; now projected in the visual receptors of the brain. A moment of ‘eureka’ might pop in as an angelic awareness moves in to give the audio an heavenly vibe, while a stable steamboat horn honks at a steady pace in oderder to create a sleepy rhythm.

The sound engagement of the heavenly vibe and the steamboat horn is getting more edgy, rawer; distorted, as if they are in a troubled harmonious relationship that starts to burn up like a vicious fire. Imagine the casual-boat-versus-water-meeting-place-of-safety now fully surrounded by grinding flames, burning and smoking; providing a grinding pressure to your imagination, in order to crush your rubbish thoughts of everyday life in a calm, but determent raw way.

It’s like a sponge made out of steel wool, maneuvering itself in the inside of the skull in order to get all the left over corners nice and clean; no thought is left out. When the brewing pressure is convinced that the inside of your head is spotless and worry free, the progression of sound slips out slowly in a traditional sounding fade out. Such a relief, such a marvelous feeling…

Do you want to feel clean?
Do you want to get rid of thoughts?
Do you need the insides of your head rinsed,
until everything is peaceful and spotless?

Relax, and play this:

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