The Tara Experiment – Noise

The Tara Experiment - Noise

Artist: The Tara Experiment
Title: Noise
keywords: electronic radiophonic experimental electronic hauntology minimal wave modular synthesizer musique concrete psychedelia radiophonic vintage electronica United States
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Uh oh. What’s that? I wasn’t done with Volume I of Just When You Thought It Was Safe? That’s right fellow denizens of the deep, we’re back. And we’re going to kick some fucking ass.


Now before I begin I am going to let you all see the photo associated with this groups bandcamp.

Cool the the max.

Cool the the max.

Now that that is out of the way, we might as well get to this thing called a review, eh?
Oh wait, I noticed something else!

The about blurb tat The Tara Experiment sounds mightily similar to a certain group known as Boards of Canada. Interesting. Ok enough about noticings of stuff on their site and onto the songs!

Numbers Station 1, Numbers Station 2, The Girl Who Swallowed Sunshine, and The Sky People all get into this nice experimental, drone type of deal. I would type more but I seem to have forgotten most of my vocabulary due to the zones and areas that these tracks all took me to. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. But yeah, they’re good.

Then to break me out of my non-human stupor, some Moonlight Sonata-esque (no not the deadmau5 song you fucks) notes come in, with a sweet little pad for ambiance. Woo!

Ringstone Round is my personal favorite. It’s got the vibe of walking through an abandoned industrial complex at twilight. My nerves are on edge. This is dark and fascinating. Machines wail in the background as something pulses in the background. I love this style of ambient. It hits me right in my dark heart.

Pick it up at:

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