tooth_eye – the wheel of fate is turning remix EP

tooth_eye - the wheel of fate is turning remix EP
Artist: tooth_eye
Title: the wheel of fate is turning remix EP
keywords: electronic breakcore chipmusic chipthrash chiptune hardcore Bowling Green
label: Datathrash Recordings
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Oh me, oh my! BREAK OUT THE RYE BREAD AND MUSTARD GRANDMA! IT’S GRAND SALAMI TIME! (quote courtesy of Ken Griffey Jrs. Slugfest for N64)

Having just left you with some folk and such, we dive right in to this breakcore release courtesy of tooth_eye and the various remixers on this release.

I saved this one for last on my walk for a reason. In a sinister mood, breakcore seemed like an excellent way to delve into the deep dark recesses of my emotion. I was already hyping this up in my mind because for some reason just seeing the cover art made me think I was going to hear something like this:

If you have never listened to this, then stop what you are doing. LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW. LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!

If you have never listened to this, then stop what you are doing. LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW. LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!

We start off with some sample from an anime I am assuming. Japanese words with some creepy piano, some strings and THEN BAM THE DRUMS. Excellent original, and it made me twitch down the street. Pretty sure the numerous amounts of police cars rolling down the street passed me thought I was some sort of weirdo, and well hey they’d be right. Anywho some seriously fun sounds and screams and overall YES! YES! YES!

Then we have the first of the remixes by Basura, aptly titled xtacy in her bootyhole mix. Backdoors a plenty. While I personally didn’t like the samples used, it was a rather unique take. It made me chuckle. It got all sorts of weird hip hoppy. I am down with the weird hip hopishness.

Vaenus is up on deck next with their remix. I would say it’s a fusion of the original and the second. Got the breaks goin and then BAM! Sample time. Got some IDM elements sprinkled in for taste and wah-lah the track is done.

Now, Brian Lowe and Adam Sapphire start theirs off with a nice little house beat before slowing things down. Then some nasty drums with stutters and blips and a sweet metallic snare come in. I’m not even at the best part. They manipulated the piano samples (or found one, not really sure) but they make it play Happy Birthday. Happy. Fucking. Birthday. Sheer motherfuckin genius. That fades away and then some awesome rap flows over a more chip tune ish beat. Really nice sample manipulation in this one with some fun ideas.

d_strict follows that up with their pills and scotch remix. Wow. I’m having a happy time seizure from this. We’re getting nuts with some metallicish verb and overall lightness. Then all the clinks and clanks and ERRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS come in. I am diggin this big time. Core (whatever core you be into, be it break, speed, happy even? (oh but who can forget sweetcore)) is a rather nice genre and this remix hit that nail on the head.

Now, when I was back in expectation land, Malaria Labs Boku Remix was what I expected the original to be. Noises and sounds and drums and screams and shit I can just get down to. (I’m doing a rather horrible job and describing the sounds used, sorry guys!) Short and to the point. This shit goes off the hook and leaves you wanting more.

Thanfully CDR thought so to, because while in a different vein, it makes me want to do the same shit. Pretty much do all sorts of crazy jittery dancing. The drum pattern that was used is just mental. Great to see that this type of badassery is practiced.

PICK THIS UP. Seriously, absolutely awesome release.

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