Vk_lobit community presents – “7”

CoverArtists: Various Artists
title: “7”
keywords: electronic, experimental, lobit, folk
label: L0BIT

You don’t come across a compilation of a higher lobit quality than the ones organized by the Russian based VK Lobit community. This compilation named ‘7’ is the 7th installment done by this amazing community of kind hearted lobit music enthusiasts and it is probably one of the best compilations available at this very moment!
On top of your excitement you might want to know that this adventurous compilation is available for free download! All complete legal, made with love and dedication and it won’t cost you a dime! If you stumble upon this post, it must be your lucky day!
If I was you, I would click the cover picture above and download this compilation in rapid speed,
or scroll down to the bottom and click the link.. (We are so flexible around here..)
1But if you want to hand around, here is a description done by the label owner of all the tracks:

01 – evgthug1 – outs

What could have been more wonderful than ‘outs’ by evgthug1? Nothing, really.
This is a stunning master piece of serene lobit beauty; opening up an enormous compilation of extra ordinary music in a beautiful way. Think the smell of roses in your nose and luxurious champagne on your tongue and boost that feeling up to a zillion times to imagine what it is like listening to evgthug1’s masterpiece over here; absolutely stunning!
02 – 7!cHO – What’s In The Closet (Extratoned CHILDhood 2)

This compilation thrills up the place by taking a peek inside the closet. The closet, a place that is the home of an obvious monster is within this track professionally sealed and locked up with the great use of a drill and screws.  We all should be very grateful for the work of 7!cHO, as now we can live a life without the lurking fear of the closet monster & enjoy the sound of electronic drilling on top of that! Isn’t life marvelous?
03 – Failure – Untitled

Failure never seems to fail, and this ‘Untitled’ track simply proofs my point. ‘Untitled’ is a work that might be beautifulness in all its might and glorious glory. But do not think it will sound bombastic or arrogant, as its quite the opposite; it’s so humble that it will make your ego crumble. Failure delivers a gorgeous work of melodic ambient which might as well be labeled as ‘the golden ticket to heaven’. But as that would sound too arrogant for such a humbling piece of music, ‘Untitled’ would do just fine as the title. Gorgeous!
04 – deafness – Silent Watcher

Silent Watcher’ is the musical piece classical composers of medieval times all wanted to compose, but failed… Silent Watcher’ is the ingenious film track that could be aligned to your own life, it’s of a genius kind; lifting up the silence with the sound of soft sweetness that has something cathedral in its feeling. It’s what I would call ‘your holiness’ on this compilation.
05 – Ieejas nav – 73

This compilation is not only for the worshippers of goodness, as leejas nav’s sexy reference to sex position ‘73’ is catering to the techno beat freaks. The beat is pounding, grinding, slipping in an alternative groove and atmospheric noises that you wouldn’t even imagine to hear. When the techno show passes out the artist provides an extra special audio collage with voices, odd sounds, a hip hop rhythm and great record scratches. This is material to dance and then bounce your head on.
06 – Jjoth – WasserWasser

Lobit king Jjoth pulled out all his skills to bring you another fabulous work (exclusively available from this compilation) named Wasser Wasser’ . It’s the kind of ‘Wasser Wasser’ that you could imagine a ‘wet dream’ would sound like. A highly pretty and surreal experimental work, a piece that brings dreamy sparkles together with harmonic singing frogs, low laying lobit and wow… I have no words for it other than Wow! Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow! Beautiful!
07 – HuorrouH – When The Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

The now legendary artist, painter, animator, musician from Denmark named HuorrouH simply leveled up quite a big deal lately; and with ‘When The Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth’ he delivers a lobit folk cult track in which melangolic melodies marry the pretty electric sounds that everyone will love, cherish and want to hear. It’s sentimental, gorgeous and (if I might say the f word) fabulous!
08 – zzmln – location for lobit

zzmln’s location for lobit brings you exactly what the lobit sound is so famous for; the excellent intake of warmth, the balance of friendly wooziness and kindness that many high fidelity artist lack to add to their music. The music is stunning, creating a swimming pool of luxurious atmosphere that gets deliciously poisoned with a thick bass beat that the techno Viking would love to step around on.
It’s very chill, yet perfectly energetic with interesting percussive side shows that all make perfectly sense in a previously unheard way. Absolutely a highlight!
09 – Vlad Shegal – live in the library, January 5, 2011

Hero, folk, metal, lobit, singer songwriter, anti-sound, musician, campfire legend Vlad Shegal is also providing his fame to this compilation. What a great joy to have such amazing superstars all coming together to provide such a balanced and interesting free record! Within ‘live in the library’ the amazing skills of Vlad Shegal of captivating hands on voice & guitar folk to the masses really redefines silence at the library. All people in the library will be sitting in silence when our hero sings with the warmest voice ever existed, captivating the ears over there but also my (and your?) ears.
Absolutely worth a round of applause!
10 – dj shealls – stable1

The glory of the unheard beauties of the lobit underground continues within ‘stable1’ by dj shealls. A heavy on the bass melodic slow pop progression that will keep you paralyzed in its warmth and kindness. A music piece that you would like to put on top of the fireplace just so everyone can see and admire it. What a stunner!
11 – Dr. NoiseM – Noise Noise

The best Doctor Dr. NoiseM delivers a thrilling work that will literally thrill your ears with its bass frequencies. It’s shimmering nice and sweetly and comes across like a whispering wise dad soothing you as its one of a kind sibling. It’s the track that will make you feel like a close relative to Dr. NoiseM. I guess that’s the power of Noise & Noise. It’s a family spectacle!
12 – Sascha Muller – Paramite

The top artist Sascha Muller does its famous moves by supporting this compilation with the right amount of hypnotic dance music that is of a simple irresistible kind. Sascha Muller knows how to get the crowd hypnotized on professional lobit techno, with it sublime minimal sound your whole body will be dancing on a masterful locked groove that only Sascha Muller has the keys for! A pounding beat, a high-hat, a woozy bass, a clap; this is the professional bad boy that you all had been waiting for!
13 – Audio+Turret – Rain of bricks

Audio+Turret gives you a fully packed action pack of energy, wicked riddling beats, a sportive rain of breakbeat bricks, squeaky exciting birds and heavy speedy bricks aimed at your feet and ears for explosive movements. Audio+Turret keeps it cool by delivering this feast of an audio assault with a super cool baseline. This is ADHD at its finest!!

14 – urbanfailure – plastic laser radio transmission

If you are hyped up, then ‘urbanfailure’ will even hype you even more! The tune delivered here is one that will totally excite! It is fronted by a robotic voice among a marvelous collection of electric technical nastiness that sounds wild, full of fanatic and fantastic nerves! It’s the material full of laser sharp lasers that will cut through ears in a delightful way! What a blast, what a feast, what energy!
15 – lahti quliq – star gypsy

The next track named ‘star gypsy’ by lahti quliq is simply amazing! I’m not even adding more sugar to this review over here; it truly is a stunner! This is an expression of amazing music that whoever you are & wherever you are coming from (music-taste-wise) you will love! Oh reader, you would love LOVE LOOOOOVE this tune and automatically lahti quliq! It has simply everything, an gypsy feeling, outstanding quality synthesizer melody, energy, guitar rocking the house… it’s really an amazing piece of quality music! I can’t believe they are giving this away for free, so better download quick before they change their minds!  Amazing!!
16 – Avs_Silvester & DVAO – Dusty Land

Public psychedelic hedgehog rocker Avs_Silvester teamed up with the mysterious DVAO specially for you & this compilation. Together they created a colorful audio landscape that sounds as free as the wind! It’s an expression of feeling one with nature, armed with a bamboo flute, dancing with the owl and the birds on a vast amount of an amazing pretty sounding landscape that suits perfectly for amorous trip experiences! This is the dusty land in which you would expect native Indians to roam around; but now it’s all yours! A great place to hang your ears in!
17 – Axiomid – Finishing Feint

Finishing Feint by Axiomid comes in like a cool rider on its electronic horsey, a modern cowboy galloping on a chill break beat before engaging in a illustrious sound snippet fight. Pixels are being slaughtered, slight vapors are evaporated and lots of happy slapping with gun fire will rule its domination. It’s the Billy the kid of lobit trouble; exciting, inspirational and probably wanted dead or alive! Hihaaa!
18 – Unsign – Lazerdisk World

The best and smoothest work on this brilliant compilation comes from Unsign. With ‘Lazerdisk World’ our ears gets lovingly welcomed by 8bit sweetness, avant-garde piano sexiness, super well done intelligent electric rhythm progressions and a emotionally empty sounding vocal haunting.
It’s like hearing a bizar mixture of things that normal people would never mix; but all mixed up it’s in perfect balance with each other until great perfection.
19 – MushroomWavved Collar – Forest

The most wonderful and courageous experimental lobit artist of all times; MushroomWavved Collar’ has the honorable honor to finalize this brilliant (almost) out-of-this-world compilation with a beautiful track named ‘Forest. A fantastic melodic emotional piece of mysterious electronic music that simply gets everything right; the atmosphere, the mood, the lightening, the smoothness, the sounds, the choice of instruments, the additional background sounds, the bass, the beats, the ‘everything’. The ‘Forest’ is the perfect ending for a perfect compilation, making me feel all emotional, dropping tear drops just from how beautiful this mellow music is. Absolutely gorgeous!
In case you didn’t understand, or did not read all the above; this is a superb compilation of simply the best music done by the best musicians, and it’s totally free for you to download, hear and enjoy!
It’s really, really , really good & it’s right here:

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