Corroded Master – Heaven


Artist: Corroded Master
title: Heaven
keywords: ebm, electronic, industrial , Sarcramento
reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Most of the time I review an album track by track. This time I will do thing differently and review the album all at once. Not only to make it a bit lighter read, but also to try a different approach in reviewing for myself.

We reviewed another album by Correded Master earlier in 2012, which means we are really running this YIKIS business a long time. Never thought we would make it this long and far. So a little thank you to all our readers would be in place.

Now for the album. One of the biggest pro’s of this album is the amount of tracks that have a great potential to reach out in underground charts all around the world. It has all the distrorted/melted/signature features of those popular artists like Combichrist/Suicide COmmando/DeVision etc. etc. etc. etc.

That is also one of the weaker parts of the album, it doesn’t really have a specific Corroded Master suace over it. The flavor doesn’t really make me want to have more and more of it every day. It’s more like the ocassional safe option of ramen.

But we need to end this review on a positive note. The production on this album is amazing. The engineers who have produced this album need to check their volume seting though (leveling tracks is an art, I guess). Hope that is better on the awesome CD you can buy over at their bandcamp page.

BTW: Lonely Ghost is the best track 😉

listen/buy here!

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