Weird Bug – Stuck in Beads EP

Artist: Weird Bug
title: Stuck in Beads EP
keywords:experimental, rock, talk, spiritual, hammerheads, vocal harmonies, Seattle
reviewer: Willem van O.

Wow. If you were sick (like me) of bands with weird in their name being the most normal ones out there, you might be happily relieved when Weird Bug starts to play.

The songs and music performed by a certain Lily Morlock (drums) and David Plell (guitar) is leveled up genius style in the weird department. Their music is very good, intelligent, extremely interesting and yet all tightly seemingly all over the place.

lyrics jump into all unexpected corners, from absurdity, madness, sweetness to played randomness. its proof that if you are very weird & very good at it: you most definitely are really a genius, or are Weird Bug.

‘Past Lives’ is definitely the highlight music and song wise, and that’s probably why it’s the first tune on this release; Weird Bug is too smart to leave things a coincidence. It is the masterpiece that will suck you in like a mosquito sucking your blood; before you know it all the fun songs passes the parade, exploring all kinds of moods and happenings in good fun.

when you find yourself in the last work on this album you will know it too; this is a chill out dreamy remix version of a earlier heard song named ‘haunted house’ and makes me feel as if weird bug gives us a loving goodbye hug before abruptly jumping out of the window to please some other people’s weird ears.

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