Akcja Zorganizowanej Przecietnosci – To Tylko Test

artist: Akcja Zorganizowanej Przecietnosci
title: To Tylko Test
keywords:electronic,odd, time signatures, Polish, collage, eclectic,pop
label: Underpolen http://underpolen.bandcamp.com/

Jan Strach is an artist of all trades, but recently my eyes have certainly followed his works as a animator and music video director; well worth everyone’s time, really. His skills are simply evolving so quickly that bigger music stars are approaching Jan with lots of cash in exchange for another mind blowing video clip that would boost the music! In underground circles there have been rumors that Jan Strach might be the new Chris Cunningham of the next generation.

The latest video work production that came from his hands was just recently released to the world on the 9th of October (2015!), and was build with a tight budget of an estimate 5,000,000 dollar! This was of course not payed by your average Joe or Jim, but coughed up by nobody less than the famous lo-fi pop artist: A.Z.P. aka ‘Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności’. An artist that basically needs no introduction, and so we won’t even go there!

The hit single that Jan Strach made this spectacular big budget music video for is ‘To Tylko Test’,
a sweet and joyful song with amazing vocals, singing, lovely mellow melodies and a sleek electronic beat.
I don’t know about you, but video director Jan Strach gave it total justice by investing every penny paid into amazing special effects, the hiring of three real bears, the building of a set that makes the bears look small… Just the training of these bears to be able to act in the video clip took around one year; but seeing and hearing the video clip it was time and money well spend. Enjoy:

If you’d love what you had heard, and have a hunger for more; please check the full album:

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2 Responses to Akcja Zorganizowanej Przecietnosci – To Tylko Test

  1. Jan Strach says:

    Hello there, kind people of YIKIS! Jan Strach here with a big warm thank you for noticing and appreciating my work. Some clarification though: Only one bear is real, the other bear actors ended up simply not being convincing enough as bears, and needed to be replaced by animatronic cyborgs designed in cooperation with Industrial Light & Magic. This was the main reason for the high budget. I agree though, worth every penny!

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