Spunky Smith – Purgatory

Artist: Spunky Smith
title: Purgatory
keywords: hip-hop,Detroit,underground,rap,skate,powerviolence, noise, experimental,conscious, trashfuck, punk
label: Trashfuck Records http://trashfuckrecords.bandcamp.com/

Before starting this review it is necessary to inform you that I do not know anything about hip-hop, rap and even less about the REAL hip-hop & rap. This might not be very helpful comparing’s wise in a review for Spunky Smith’s Purgatory, but on the other hand it will make the experience perhaps more pure, naive and perhaps even more honest. Now that the honest truth is out of the way; let’s go for this record:

Spunky Smith brought a realistic piece of music to Trash Fuck Records, an album that not only keeps things real, but also seemingly close to home. Perhaps not everyone’s home, but if you have been (or are) in a situation in which your homies are fucking you up while you ‘maintain’ yourself in the struggles of ‘every day the same’ life; you might as well identify yourself in the lyrics that mister Spunky Smith spits out on these sick and tight grooves. So far, so very good!

Than there is ‘Money On My Mind ft. Black Alfalfa’ which music wise features a eerie Christmas from hell like bell-ish loop that perfectly goes together with a laid-back kick and clap. This is just the atmospheric pastry to get Spunky Smith and friend in the right mood to deliver another survival themed strong tune. The highlight to me was the lyric about searching for a girl, just to tell her to get lost.. That’s the flow of a real life word smith right there!

Next is ‘Ride with the Devil ft. Adam G Soul’. Don’t be fooled by the silly synth accentuating the words over here as if rhyming is a crime; then this tune would be criminal. It has a high danger zone vibe, something that sets the artists in this tune into the untouchable level; you will think twice to start an argument with mister Smith and mister G Soul; as they sound like the providers of hard knocks from fists in faces that deserves them. Also note that this tune has an excellent ending with a great breakdown that will make you want to hit the repeat button again (I did it, so why not join me?)

All Hustle No Struggle ft. Adam G Soul is what rhymes was in the precious tune to hustling. Here the two gentlemen are basically putting their master plan out in the open; got to keep on hustling to get as much cash in in order not to struggle no more. And no doubt they work hard for their money, and if you’d like their work you definitely should chip in and send them a stash of money in exchange for more dope beats, words, flows and rhymes.

Up next is ‘Fresh Wax’ and it got the best introduction before the great flow of tight words drop. The coolness of the beginning returns for pure satisfaction, making this tune into one that is as solid as a rock (not sure if it’s a smokable one). Pretty cool stuff over here!

The next tune ‘Revolt’ is cool, having a strange flute like thing that settled itself in between the beat, car sounds, and atmospheric dark paths; of course the realer than real lyrics

New Age is the powerful eye and mind opener on this album, one that grabs your attention with a big message that gets hammered in a determent way. Open up your third eye as it’s a new day, stop listening to the wicked beats and listen up to the actual lyrics! This is powerful stuff that hopefully will reach the right target and free them from their closed minds. This kicks total ass!

I do agree it is difficult to listen to the words sometimes as the music is on it’s own very cool too. A great example is the tune ‘Prison State (Get it on the floor)’ which brings out the wicked beats that are the ones to get you hyped up, with excellent angelic choir as a backdrop and even trumpets! But behind all this there is message music, secretly hidden on this track that should be easily slipped in at a club; freeing and informing the minds from the club goers with ease!

I’m feeling ‘ShutUp bitch! Ft. Alfalfa’ big time, and if you decide to play it;massive chance you will be feeling it too! The flow and production is really making my shoulders move to this rhythm, the great use of digitalized yells are really a great originality within this tune and.. Wow! The thing is I could write forever how wicked this tune is but I feel like I should shut up as this track basically kicks already enough ass on its own.

Finna take yo bitch’ is a more experimental work on this release, focussing purely on the music and the repeated line corresponding with the title of the track. It feels cut off, but that’s probably done on purpose to flip in the next and final ‘Bitch N**** Try Me (ft. Sam G). This one is a fanatic cookie, provocative in your face material that feels a bit as if it’s jumping an inch removed from your face waiting for you to flinch, in order to react with some punches…

It’s difficult to listen and review a kind of music you are not familiar with, but it’s also challenging and mind expanding. My conclusion of this album is that it’s not just a hip-hop album that is keeping things real, it’s also more of a spiritual kind; tunes with a conscious message that are standing with one feet in the struggles of this world, and with the other in a freedom of mind wishing to open the eyes and minds of all who need it. It’s pretty awesome in that context, so I hope I didn’t blow this artist’s cover. Get this album over from TRASHFUCK Records:

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