il culo di Mario – Malpensa 2000

1Artist: il culo di Mario
title: Malpensa 2000
keywords: alternative, psychedelic, pop, avant garde, experimental, lo-fi, noise pop, vhs, Milan
words by: Hot Theo

He is the coolest dude,
the hottest bloke,
the greatest geezer.

He got the moves,
He got the grooves,
He knows what to do
and how to do it.

– even a sign of shyness is done in great confidence.

He is fully self-assured,
on top of the world
sexy – and he knows it.

Armed with styled facial hair,
a body to die for
The confidence of a tank
the skills of someone who walks in the perfect shoes.

Who is this man?
Who is this cool dude,
this handsome bloke,
this individual who roams the street?

Wherever he pops up
music starts to play.

It’s the cool stuff,
handsome and funky,
confident and full potential
music for this man’s movements
to wow the bystanders away,
to mesmerize us all who stare his way…

….this must be the gayest post on here.
So to refrain from more unnecessary nonsense;
Check the man and his music out for yourself,
isn’t he a stunner?
-He even makes eating a hot dog sexy-

and… and…

he informs the world that

He would like to be with you
In outer space

So here it is; a video showing confidence in all its might and glory
(don’t forget to put up the sound!)

If you too want to practice your confidence,
your walk of superb charisma, self-assured sexiness and all-round hotness – you better get the right music for it in your possession. You can find this tune and others on the Oppalai release by il culo di Mario. Boost your confidence, get this funky fun album over here:

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