Chimney Crow – 17 Guns


Heya people at home, are you ready to dance?

Artist: Chimney Crow
title: 17 Guns
keywords: experimental, electronic, pop
label: Phantom Electric
words by: Willem van O.

Today it’s the day of the 17. Everything is 17.
1The date is 17.
1And even the line is 17.
In a couple of hours it will be 17 here on the digital cuckoo’s clock too. This cannot be a coincidence, as on top of all this I was rocking out on ’17 Guns’.

17 Guns’ is a popular tune by Chimney Crow and hearing it quickly reveals why it’s so popular…. It’s cool. First of all the music is irresistible, going for this bobbly baseline, an unforgivable electronic beat & this mad pulse of contagious toughness. On top of this; this song is meaningful. I’ll give it 17 points for its meaningfulness!

It’s a educative life lesson song in which we clearly learn that a annoying-drive-by-the-chimney-crow-residence-person who hates Chimney Crow’s guts can bring his 17 guns all he wants, but can’t beat or liquidate the genius who is just armed with a little (but sharp) knife, (and a polite kind word)

That’s right! You can bring 17 guns all you want, but even though being a 17 armed octopus; you will have a hard time using them all at once. Besides going to drive by and hate someone as smart like Chimney Crow simply won’t be initiating a happy ending. You’ll probably end up without a head in someone’s garden as Halloween decoration.

A much safer way to lose your head is simply by hearing this song and dancing to it. You can do this wherever you are, (no knife or 17 guns needed) and there is no point to drive by Chimney Crow’s house every night. It’s online available in the shape of a music video with a great dancing dancer named Diana Campanell , she shows you how you could dance on this song in a elegant way. (if you had problems figuring out how to do it for yourself. )

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17:

P.s. On upcoming Tuesday Chimney Crow’s long awaited real official ’17 Guns’ video clip will be popping up online. So if you practice the dance moves along with Diana Campanell, or freestyled your own with the video above, you’ll be able to dance with the soon to be released video! This release is another reason to not drive by the house of Chimney Crow with 17 guns in anger, as without your head; you might not see a thing!

For more Chimney Crow you can check soundcloud:
more youtube:
or even more youtube:
or get jiggy and listen / get Chimney Crow’s album at Electric Phantom:

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