javier piñango – i.r.real 7

artist: javier piñango
title: i.r.real 7
keywords: experimental, electronic, Spain, improvisational, Greece
label: Plus timbre http://www.plustimbre.com/

javier piñango brings a work named i.r.real 7 to the Plus Timbre label and you better sit yourself down for it.
It’s the music of a strange kind, exposing your hearing systems with weird electronic bowel noises, surrealistic cinema sounds and unexpected uprising moves of a alienating order.

The artist uses a Korg ms-20 synthesizer with additional effects to create this interesting show in which nobody (excluding the artist perhaps) has really a clue what is going on. It’s of this order that this album seems to work; bringing a electronic soundscape so out of touch with every day life, that it will give you an effect of waking up in an unfamiliar future, after years of being frozen like an ordinary ice cube.

Industrial tones, experimental sounds, extreme exposures into the unknown is what I’m talking about.
You know; the walls of reality that we supposedly exist in, just melting away in a surreal pastry of wild fluttering electronic happenings. It’s a potential wet and slimy progress here and there, making the futuristic sounds into something that sounds more organic and animal like.

Animal like? What am I saying? I mean Monster-like! Or perhaps it’s just the track named ‘Intensification’ that levels up to the state of ear shredding wildness. It for sure came unexpected, but not unwanted! The intensification over here is happening in a sharp noise way, something that cuts through flesh and bones in a sophisticated dentist at work kind of style. But fear not, the artist (or dentist?) provides enough spacious relax time in the aftermath; a great moment for a cup of tea or some cozy lemonade.

Strangely I feel that the time that ‘portray of a civil war’ plays, the tea sipping still feels like an appropriate activity.
It is kinda odd really… You can hear the helicopters of war chopping away in the muffled background, some things flying over, an alien cat crying and other abstract hard to place activities; but from the place that we are getting these war sounds; it feels quite safe and sane. One moment some fuzzy gun fire might pop up a bit too close for this afternoon enjoyment, but nothing comes across frightening. No reason to hide the cookies and crawl inside the basement for safety.

More underground fuzzing wooziness appears in a track named ‘aural surrender’. Be sure to have your bass levels up just to feel them shake and rumble. It also helps to prepare yourself for ‘Ruins’, which is the next track on this strange soundscape kind of an album. Here is more action going on; a world in which alien life forms seems to roam and slime around in order to create great sound effect for our inner ears. They siss and hiss a bit, they bring some angel dust sparkles while their under bellies rumble neatly in the windless wind. Out of nowhere some of these nastier ones might jump on your face in an heavy attempt to suck your eyeballs out. It’s an intensive moment that will make every listener’s hands hot and sweaty.

The last track begins with more sweaty sounds, a industrial hiss fest that then gets whispered away in a kind and polite fashion. Of course the sound will move out only to reappear a couple of times as some kind of protest. After a bit of twilight exposure the peace returns, and the artist pulls out abstract sounds that come across like the ones elderly people play on gramophone players from the early days. It’s a heavy set, but with a friendly happy ending.
You can hear it all over here:

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