Material Action – Still Life

Artist: Material Action
title: Still Life
keywords: composition, cosmic, wave, electro, electronic, funk, improvisation, post-industrial, prog, progressive, soundtrack, Springfield

Forget about Madonna’s Material Girl, and why not forget (temporarily) of the wonderful electronic music of Material Action. Material Action just released a brand new album and it sounds so different then all their previous works that it deserves that kind of fresh breath. A clean palette for you to get your opinions written down on, or just stare at the blank nothingness while this brand new music does its thing.
1From the beginning to the end you will be surrounded with Material Action elevated with gracious orchestral elements along with the band’s famous electronic synthesizer works. The music becomes surprisingly theatrical, hypnotic in a way that it could be the movie soundtrack for a brand new Wizard of Oz. Keep on following the yellow road of music over here and you might meet the balloon back to Kansas… uh I mean the empty canvas.
1But big change you will never want to leave this gorgeous wonderland that Material Action had created over here, as why the hell would you? Not only is clicking your high heeled red shoes a pain in the ass, the music is simply very lovely. I cannot describe it better than a one word review:


But because of living up to the reputation of being a chatterbox with terrible grammar; I’ll continue typing to you like the beautiful headless chicken that I am. Not sure if I am beautiful, but that’s a part that comes while listening to this album; anything, everyone and everything becomes suddenly beautiful.
1The Material Action group created a very new chapter in their music output, and I’m quite impressed with how pleasingly rich and full it all sounds melodically wise. Personal favorite must be ‘Goodbye’ as it is hypnotically groovy and contains an amazing set of energetic percussion.
1All in all, this album passes by like a cinematic dream,
a wonderland of melodies and lively loveliness.
Come on and bring out your inner Dorothy, toto and jump in this pleasant fantasy land over at the following link…
Or if you want to jump in a different one, try this one instead:

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