A Larkly Quoon: The James Worse Public Address Method

The album art for A Larkly Quoon features a beard and its owner among forest in stark greyscale, a fitting scene in which to hear some proper English nonsense!

The album art for A Larkly Quoon features a beard and its owner among silent forest in stark grey tones, a fitting scene in which to hear some proper English nonsense!

Oh, reader, I’m so glad to see you again! Yeah, it’s me, Alex… sorry for my haggard appearance. I’ve been lost in this damned gallery for two days now and have begun asking myself why we ever thought it would be a good idea to build this horrid place.

I think I passed by Caffeinate several minutes ago, mumbling something about boats and tea. He must be completely delirious by now. I’m out of food and may have to start eating art to survive, but between you and I, most of this stuff just doesn’t look fit for public consumption.

At the moment, I’m looking at this: A Larkly Quoon, which is soon to be released onto the public. In my mail I’ve received 34 pieces of poetry that sound like a Joycean nightmare of English, recited so convincingly that you might actually forget how to speak after listening. But… that’s probably a good thing. Words are best spoken for their connotations anyway. “Real” words, and this outmoded concept of “meaning” are always getting in the way of our appreciation for a voice, with its inflections and tones.

From the Soundcloud page that’s gone up about the work:

“James Worse is writing an on-going epic, entitled ‘Flark of the Dandibus’.

He hopes never to publish it, but instead for it to exist only in performance – like stories used to be, by the fire in longhouses, in the good old days.

His ‘Worsicles’ have been heard on Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service on BBC Radio 6 Music, The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, Basic FM, The Séance on Radio Reverb, Framework Radio, Resonance FM as well as mentions in the Guardian, the Independent, Metro and on Have I Got News For You and Channel 4 News.

He regularly performs live and has appeared at a number of interesting venues and events – reading outside Charles Dickens’ writing chalet at the Rochester Literature Festival, in the basement of a derelict warehouse, at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury and aboard a decommissioned light ship on the river Medway.”

I won’t be able to say much further about these pieces, as discussing their intricacies may well be beyond me in my present state of derangement, but I will bid you to hear for yourself and consider pre-ordering a copy of the compact disc before it arrives on the 30th of November. In the mean time, I hope that when KN returns he doesn’t find that Caffeinate and I have perished in this labyrinthine hell of framed paint!


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