BOM [Bass-O-Matic] – Live @ HUT (Vienna)

BOM [Bass-O-Matic] - Live @ Hut (Vienna)

Artist: BOM [Bass-O-Matic]
Title: Live @ HUT (Vienna)
keywords: experimental bass guitar exprerimental noise Debrecen
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Ooooooh. We’re jumping into this one and land into some sort of ancient Noridc armor that was somehow perfectly placed so it would slip right on as you landed into it.

This is crunchy and it is in a hut! Live! I’m hoping the hut itself is rather crunchy but that remains to be seen.

The same type of pattern seems to be conveyed throughout all the tracks. Sick ass atmospheric stuff, with a heavy vibe and then it gets all nitty and gritty. Boppin heads, flying body parts and such and then bam we calm back down into the eternal mist.

The moods are slightly sinister. Sliiiiiightly. They’re just heavy and powerful in a way but not in a I have become a god so I need to make sure the mortals adhere to those above them. I guess that’s how I want to feel right now? Sorry for the projection.

They’re all solid tracks. Only four of them but they last for at least 30 minutes. Solid stuff here friends.

Ok, so I wasn’t going to go track by track or even mention a track name for this review but then Ending Scene came onto the scene. Relevancy is key folks. That opening guitar has such a pleasantly off-putting tone and then all these other sounds, a bass with some light arpeggiated synth thing (I think it’s a synth. Don’t quote me on that.) Then it gets crazy. The slight screams and the dying wah is just great. Too good I say. Too good. It then devolves into just this nasty bass then finally an end with some tire screech sounds to conclude this release.

I enjoyed it. I can’t say the same for you. I don’t know your personal tastes. That’s what it’s all about in the end. Listen to the finale claps and the rest of this bad boy over here


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