Kenji – Nuroshi

Kenji - Nuroshi
Artist: Kenji
Title: Nuroshi
keywords: Sus, philly, hip hop, album, weird, sad, nutty, love, amateur, summer
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Oh. My. Goodness.
I think this one is going to be fun.
Are you ready?
Cuz I sure as shit am not.

So, this was labeled as a mixtape by the artist. I thought this was a strange title for this assortment of tracks because he did mostly everything by himself such as recording and all that. Now, I am used to mixtapes being other peoples songs that you put on a tape HOWEVER after some not very long research, a mix tape is actually a rather general term. So, it works. Also, I guess it has become the go to word in the scenes of the hippins and the hoppins. I’m used to other terms but fuck it. It’s language.

This is what I would describe as subdued hip-hop. Rather chill instrumentation with a relaxed voice. Kenji has a really smooth voice. It’s nice and relaxing. The arrangement for the pieces is also of a higher notched caliber (despite the self-proclaimed thing that says better mixes are on the way). Very good production skills.

So what would go well with this mixtape? I imagine a late night drive, where you’re tired but don’t want to go home. You’re cruising on the free/high/express way, one window rolled down, letting the crisp night air roll over you. You know you want some jams, but you’re not ready or want to be amped up. Throw this on and good times are sure to be had.

All that being said, it’s not really anything new. The production quality, as previously stated, is great. The instrumentation is excellent. The vocals are superb. The lyrics are quite decent as well. It’s just solid.

So yeah, if you’re looking for some soothing music and such and yeah I don’t know where else I am going this just follow the link to the source of the musics and such I guess.

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