soma vs floating mind – /main dna/

soma vs floating mind - /main dna/
Artist: soma vs floating mind
Title: /main dna/
keywords: minimal, techno, deep, Soma, netlabel, monoKraK, Floating Mind
Label: monoKraK
Reviewer: Caffeinate

We be diving into the deep. Deep techno that is! Some come on, put on your diving suit and let’s pluuuuuuuuuuuuuunge.

This appears to be a split of sorts. Between soma and floating mind. Already the clash begins as Amos comes in courtesy of our airborne personality friend we have just made. Percussion. Yay. Percussion. Yay. That wasn’t deadpan or sarcasm folks, this minimal drum beat really gets the blood a stirrin. With some nice ambient reverbed to shit pads comin in for that oh so sweet ambiance and other glitch shiz this builds up into awesome.

Oh my! A more musical pad. It sounds…dreamy! It sounds soo good. OH! A BWERP! NICE TO MEET YOU.

Ok, so in case you haven’t been able to tell, I am currently listening to this and am typing as I listen. Sorry not sorry for any confusion.

This is fun. This is nice. I like this track. Admittedly I have a soft spot for techno, but the execution on this is absolutely superb. You could say not a lot is happening but that’s making me focus on the parts that are there. Seriously, some good work.

Alas, the track ends. So we move on! To our happy time drug friend (or a shitty all ages venue depending on where you live). I give a happy thanks. This track starts us off with a similar style but it has some stabs! And a more pulsing kick. I’m zoning out to this one. Very very dreamscape sounds come in. A nice and pleasant addition, along with some hats. Such sense of wonder as these tones come out. *gives out a very satisfied relaxed sigh*

I downloaded it. I’m not gonna lie. Wanna know why? Cuz it’s awesome! Get in on the free awesomeness too! at:

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